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Fritz Walter

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Member since: Sat Mar 21, 2015, 07:08 PM
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DrumpfCare sucks out loud!

Got my renewal notice from Florida Blew (formerly: Blue Cross Blue Shield) today. If I stay with the shitty Bronze plan I have now, my monthly premium goes up 13% in January, but the deductible goes up 30%.

Before I dive into The Marketplace™, does anyone know of any good, affordable health plans in Florida?

Eugene Robinson: Trump's the one who didn't know 'what he was signing up for'

At the risk of overstating the fucking obvious, WaPo columnist Eugene Robinson put in writing what most of us have known for over a year now:

What Trump reportedly said to the grief-stricken widow of Sgt. La David Johnson, who gave his life for his country, is not some kind of minor miscue or media-fueled distraction. It speaks to the core issue of Trump's character and demonstrates, as clearly as any incident to date, his unfitness for the office he holds -- and dishonors.


Trump is a weak, narcissistic man in a job that requires strength and empathy. I'm not sure that empathy is a concept he even understands. He acts as if he believes that feeling someone else's pain is strictly for losers, not winners.

None of this is a surprise. We learned a lot about Trump during the campaign when he attacked the Khan family, who lost a son in Iraq, for having the temerity to attack him politically. We have a president who believes that making the ultimate sacrifice for the nation is less important than supporting or opposing Trump.

Read the full column here or on the Washington Post.
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