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Fritz Walter

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Member since: Sat Mar 21, 2015, 07:08 PM
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Happy Indigenous People's Day,... so far

OK, Christopher Columbus did not earn a national holiday. Not in the same way that veterans did, nor as did most presidents. So be it.

So, why shouldnít we devote a whole month to recognizing the many contributions and huge sacrifices the original Americans made here? (And, yes, I know: Mr. Vespucciís naming rights here are dubious at best).

Let Columbus have his day. As long as itís not a national holiday. Postal workers, other federal workers, or civil servants should still get a day off with pay. Letís just call it something else.

I know: the current federal legislature is focused on much bigger issues. The House is going to impeach Dances-with-Despots (Putin, Erdoğan, Kim, Xi, (and the list gets longer and longer every fucking day)). The Senate does whatever #MoscowMitch dictates. Sadly for us. And the rest of the world; witness the abandonment of the Kurds as the most recent instance.

Still, havenít native Americans earned more than sharing a holiday with a colonialist at best, a genocidal idiot at worst?

What do yíall think?
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