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Fritz Walter

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Member since: Sat Mar 21, 2015, 07:08 PM
Number of posts: 4,040

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VoteVets latest ad NAILS it!

"Nothing good comes from appeasing a dictator.
Whether it's the butcher in Moscow.
Or the defeated loser in Mar-a-Lago."

"Donald Trump's appeasement of Putin wasn't just a personal act of treason. It's the Republican Party's official position." emphasis added
Indeed, they are the #PartyofPutin!

Will history repeats itself? "How an Outsider President Killed a Party"

Happy Presidents Day everyone!

It was summer, and a major U.S. political party had just chosen an inexperienced, unqualified, loutish, wealthy outsider with ambiguous party loyalties to be its presidential nominee. Some party luminaries thought he would help them win the general election. But many of the faithful were furious and mystified: How could their party compromise its ideals to such a degree?

Sound like 2016? This happened a century and a half ago.

Many have called Donald Trump’s unexpected takeover of a major political party unprecedented; but it’s not. A similar scenario unfolded in 1848, when General Zachary Taylor, a roughhewn career soldier who had never even voted in a presidential election, conquered the Whig Party...

...A look back at what happened that year is eye-opening—and offers warnings for those on both sides of the aisle. Democrats quick to dismiss Trump should beware: Taylor parlayed his outsider appeal to defeat Lewis Cass, an experienced former Cabinet secretary and senator. But Republicans should beware, too: Taylor is often ranked as one of the worst presidents in U.S. history—and, more seriously, the Whig Party never recovered from his victory. In fact, just a few years after Taylor was elected under the Whig banner, the party dissolved—undermined by the divisions that caused Taylor’s nomination in the first place, and also by the loss of faith that followed it.
Emphasis added. Source: Politico

I try hard to avoid wishful thinking, that the GQP will have the same fate as the Whigs. But still, ...

TLP: "America -- once again -- stands for freedom"

In stark contrast to the previous administration.
And to be precise, we're talking "freedom." Not "free-dumb."

I had a classmate in grade school whose family was from the Ukraine. Back then, it was part of the soviet union, and I know that he and his kinfolk cheered loudly when that collapsed. So glad to hear that
"Ukranians will fight -- and fight hard -- against Russian agression..." Watch the clip for the rest of that statement.
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