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That moment when...

Posted by SticksnStones | Fri Dec 9, 2016, 10:51 AM (5 replies)

NPR's On The Media: "Normalize This!" - examines how to report on a PEOTUS who regularly lies

A very interesting listen...there are journalists out there who really do get it!

DECEMBER 2, 2016
Normalize This!
We devote this hour to a question put to us pretty much daily since election day: How to cover President Trump? First, we ask the AP, Univision, NPR, USA Today, and other news outlets about how they are defining a relationship with a president-elect who flaunts traditional rules, spreads misinformation, and criticizes the press. Then we turn to language. Listeners help us highlight moments in media coverage that obscure the truth, and journalist Masha Gessen warns of the "impulse to normalize." Plus, linguist John McWhorter describes the phenomenon of partisan words, and cognitive scientist George Lakoff argues that the principles of journalism need to be redefined... because of how our brains work.


Posted by SticksnStones | Sun Dec 4, 2016, 10:54 AM (17 replies)
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