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Facts matter. If you try to change the facts, you are just giving your opinion.

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We are an arrogant species and believe we are somehow above it all.

The reality is, we ain't. We are just another species trying to survive, but we are killing off the rest of the life forms. Live forms we need to survive ourselves. Our specie's "ME FIRST" mentality is inhabitable the only home we will ever know.

In other words, Bernie thinks for himself and not as part of a herd.

He isn't a part of Group Think. He has a 40 year long history of working with the Democrats, for the people.
People who insist on using party labels for a person, such as Democrat/Republican/Independent, instead of using where a person is in the political spectrum, are purposely muddying the waters to confuse the issues.

Democrats and Republicans have switched places in the political spectrum from which they started. The Republicans used to be the liberals and Democrats used to be the conservatives. So we need to start using Liberal/Conservative, instead of party affiliations when describing people running for office.

There are many former Republicans in the Democratic party now, because the Dem leadership has moved so far to the Right to align with many Republican's world view.

What has not changed is whether a person is conservative or liberal or somewhere in between. Burnie Sanders is a liberal working for the people, regardless of party affiliation. As a result, the people are financing his campaign.
Hillary is financed by the same 1% big money backing as the Republicans canadates are. And that is why Bernie is being supported more and more by those who know about him, over Hillary's high profile name recondition, backed by the 1% to maintain the status quo.

The NSA has special courts.

That way they do not have to deal with the actual law as written and enforced in the sunlight. They can then interpret the law as they see fit under cover of the back room. Star Chambers come to mind.

Ben Carson is unfit for public office

Cars are, by law, licensed and insured to run on the street. Their purpose is transportation.

Gun are manufactured for the purpose of killing. They are very efficient at doing what they are designed to do.
The firearms in this country are mostly unregulated and unregistered and no insurance is involved to cover the damage they might cause.
It is often hard to trace the last legal owner of a weapon before the last legal good guy sold it to a criminal. Law enforcement usually gives up trying to find the real owner, unless it is really important for whatever reason. They just assume it's the criminals gun.
There is no real connection between cars and guns, except in the minds of those that dismiss the killing of innocents because they believe their own guns are more important than the lives of others.
Oh, and swimming pools don't count either.

Republican "Logic"?

Now there's an [strike]oxymoron[/strike] oxymoran, if there ever was one.

Another one... or so -

Any Federal firearms licensed dealer, knowing engaged in straw sales, loses his license and goes to a federal lock-up for a minimum of 5 years. Those dealers engaging in straw sales will be easy to identify by the records they are required to keep. That alone would put a major dent in criminals acquiring their guns.

ALL guns transfers must be registered through a Federal Firearms Licensed dealer (see above).
Guns, being designed to kill, are deadly weapons and need to be treated and tracked as such from manufacture to destruction. We don't sell explosive to just anyone, why tools designed for mass murder?
Go after the gun owners, licensed and otherwise, that are making a living by trafficking under the table and watch our gun murder rate plummet in a few years.

Ask your doctor if birth control is right for you...


The common thread in all these mass shooting is not people, but guns.

Banning firearms is known to not work, as they will just make some cosmetic changes to the banned gun, and then business as usual.
Anyone in the business of manufacturing or making firearms, needs to be federally registered.
What needs to be done, besides keeping track of all firearms, from manufacture to destruction, is to license the people that have and/or want any guns/firearms of any kind. Caught in public without a license/permit for the firearm(s) you have with you, risk losing all your firearms, a fine, and/or prison hard time. Or any combination of the forgoing. Each and every gun a person has, has to be individual registered to the person having possession and include the name of the real owner responsible.
Keep your unregistered stash in your hide-hole, so the gun grabbers can't get them? Fine, be careful to who you show your collection to. And don't forget to get them registered if you ever have to move. And also be able to answer the question as to why you have this stash of unregistered weapons in the first place. One gun, fairly easy. Ten guns, not so much.
We need to make it inconvenient for the gunners, instead of the general public, when the members of the public have to attend the funerals of their friends and love ones. To say nothing about the inconvenience of the people who have had lives cut short, because of those that fight tooth and nail against any meaningful weapons regulations.
Any state laws and regulation cannot work as long as any one state has lax weapons laws. Therefor the Federal Government has to impose uniform laws and regulations across all the states. Most guns cross state lines at some time between manufacture and sale to the first private owner. That is the hook the Federal Government has, if only it would use it.

Three words

National Rifle Association.

The NRA needs to be declared to be what they actually are. A hate group. And/or maybe a terrorist enabler organization.
Some of the shooting in this country have been classified as a terrorist act. Because the NRA's main function is to fight any and all common sense weapon regulations, they enable practically anyone or group to acquire all the guns they want for the shootings and massacres they plan.

Because these deadly weapons flow from states with lax gun laws, to states that are at least trying to do something constructive and those gun cross state lines, the Federal Government has a responsibility to step in. Congress should not need to do anything, as there is probably laws with enough teeth already in place concerning hazardous items.
All it would take is for someone with the power, to do what is necessary here.
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