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Facts matter. If you try to change the facts, you are just giving your opinion.

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It is the perspective of those that think they are somehow actural Liberal Democrats,

even when they support candidates with Right of Center agendas.
The fact that the Democratic leadership is over center to the Right screws many people's thinking up, because they still think the political center is somewhere between the Democrats and the Republicans. When in fact the political center is to the Left of the Democratic party, as it is being run today.
Bernie is campaining from where the Democratic party should be and where it used to be. The more people that understand this, the better Bernie's chances of winning the Presidency and getting this country back on track.

Now we need to see the same enthusiasm in the general public

But it is early yet, but we need to get started.

Someone did a DU poll and Bernie was way ahead. Way, way ahead the last I saw it.

Edited to add, found it!
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