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Facts matter. If you try to change the facts, you are just giving your opinion.

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Increase Browsing Speed in Mozilla Firefox Speed up Firefox

This defiantly seem to work with the DU page loading slowness. I notice the problem was worse with threads with higher post counts. Short threads were quick, long threads, not so much. Wait times sometimes 3+ minutes.
It is not a cure-all, those pages are still slower than I think they should be, but much faster than before.
I am one of those lucky one that have Google Fiber, so network speed is not a limiting factor

Firefox is a well known open source software browser and most widely used over the world for its secure, fast and stable. You should speed up Firefox browser because sometimes it gets failing and experiences slow internet speed connection. So if you are experiencing the same problem we have got a solution for this. With this step by step process you can gain high hidden speed of Firefox. The main problem with Firefox is it uses the least number of connections to download the data of a page. To resolve this we create multiple connections to a website and download the data as well.

Democrats are not monolithic.

I keep seeing post saying they are having trouble deciding between Hillary and Bernie, as if both are somehow the same. No, they are not.
Bernie is much more like the Democrats of old, before they moved Right, to keep up with the rightward movement of the Republicans.
Hillary is part of the same problem Obama is. Their support of big business, big banks and Wall Street, over Main Street and the people trying to survive on an ever smaller pay check.
Granted, a Hillary would be better than anyone from the Republican's overstuffed clown car, but we need to do better that just not as bad.
We need to start running more real Democrats. We need to get our manufacturing jobs back into this country. We need to repair and replace our crumbling infrastructure. We need to make those that can most afford it, to pay their fair share of taxes, instead of balancing the nation budget on the back of the rest of us.
We need to find a way to extract ourselves from the Middle East. That is a money pit by design. Cut our so-called defense budget back to something reasonable. There is not any sane reason anywhere, on why we have to outspend the rest of the world on "Defense".
Bring our troops home and put them to work, paying living wages, to repair and up-grade our crumbling infrastructure. The spin off from supplying the materials, tools and machinery, food, housing and recreation, etc., would kick-start our economy big time.
Keep the above in mind when favoring one candidate over another.

The gunners keep talking about their 2nd Amendments Right as if they were absolute.

As you mentioned, it is not the 2nd Amendment, but a highly biased, Supreme Court decision that said otherwise.
What about the Rights of those killed by people that should not be having any guns in the first place?

Every time this is brought up, the gunners cry 'gun grabber' and try to shut the discussion down. Their only answer is to respond by saying the victim(s) should have been armed themselves, thereby making the victims responsible for their own deaths. People needing to be armed in the sanctuary of their own church? Are you kidding me?

Without meaning to, by exclaiming 'gun grabber' at anyone pushing tougher weapon laws, they are putting themselves into the same category as the deranged killers. They are actually defending the killers by refusing to go along with common sense weapon laws. Think about that the next time you read any of their excuses to maintain the status quo.

But what of the Rights of those killed by people that shouldn't be having any guns in the first place? Such as the nine (9) people killed in their own church, during a prayer meeting? Or the kids in the 1st grade classroom at Sandy Hook? What of their Rights? Their Right to live?
Does the 2nd Amendment over ride their Right to life? It would seem so for some people.

But that still does not change the fact that no matter what, we have way too lax gun regulation in this country.
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