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Facts matter. If you try to change the facts, you are just giving your opinion.

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Another one... or so -

Any Federal firearms licensed dealer, knowing engaged in straw sales, loses his license and goes to a federal lock-up for a minimum of 5 years. Those dealers engaging in straw sales will be easy to identify by the records they are required to keep. That alone would put a major dent in criminals acquiring their guns.

ALL guns transfers must be registered through a Federal Firearms Licensed dealer (see above).
Guns, being designed to kill, are deadly weapons and need to be treated and tracked as such from manufacture to destruction. We don't sell explosive to just anyone, why tools designed for mass murder?
Go after the gun owners, licensed and otherwise, that are making a living by trafficking under the table and watch our gun murder rate plummet in a few years.

Ask your doctor if birth control is right for you...

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