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Facts matter. If you try to change the facts, you are just giving your opinion.

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All government E-mails sent from and to other government computers are behind firewalls and on the

government's own internet system.

E-mails sent to and received from computers outside the government firewalls and/or sent to and from people outside the government, are normally sent in the clear at least part of the way on the normal Internet system. They are taking a chance of these E-mails residing on one or more servers serving the public somewhere along the way.
Unless Hillary took steps to put her E-mail server behind a government firewall, she is guilty of a security breach because the job Hillary had, normally dealt with classified information, with various security levels. The fact there is no evidence of her E-mail server being hacked, does not enter into this at all.
Did she, or did she not have her private E-mail server behind any government firewall? I'm thinking not, as she knows nothing of computers and nothing has been said to address this point, as far as I know.

^^^Absolutely, positively THIS!^^^

How can anyone see this and not question where Hillary is really coming from? Liberals and Progressives are not Right of Center.
Hillary is in this for the personal fame and glory. That is why she wants to win so badly. Bernie is in it for the people. That is why we need him to win this.
Haven't we had enough of the status quo, orchestrated by the Big Money? Haven't we had enough of voting for the lesser of the evils? Now we have a real choice, for the first time in many decades. Big Money or the Common Citizen? Which are you?
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