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Facts matter. If you try to change the facts, you are just giving your opinion.

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There it is!

There are numerous threats to this program... from the damage the Bush recession did to the fund, to low interest rates to outsourcing higher paying industrial jobs and replacing them with lower paying service jobs, to the current cap. I'd like to see capital gains money finally taxed.

A major reason seldom mentioned when talking about Social Security. The root reason Social Security is in trouble. Is the major decline in the number of Living-Wage-Jobs since 2000. Anything else is diddling with the symptoms. Put our money on good, decent jobs and not into For-Profit-Prisons.
Stop our wars of choice, our self-perpetuating wars on terrorism and drugs and concentrate on rebuilding out own crumbling infrastructure and getting our manufacturing back into this country. And try to catch up to the rest of the civilized world on transportation and communications. Our high speed trains derail at 80 MPH, while other countries can have 250/300 MPH safely.

We will be better off. Our country will be better off. And the world will be better off.

Cooperation, not war seems to have been a foreign concept since the first non-aboriginals arrived.

THIS, absolutely Positively THIS!

It simply makes NO SENSE that Bernie has RALLIES that thousands and thousands of people attend, he's consistently raises MILLIONS of dollars over and over and over and yet SOMEHOW this phenomena doesn't convert to votes! Why would people attend these rallies, GIVE MONEY and NOT VOTE?? I've heard ALL the retorts from Hillary supporters which are repeated all the time, but I'm not buying it. Sure some may not have the correct information, but the same pattern is showing up everywhere where people are having voting issues.

The above excerpt needs to be spread everywhere!

None of the prisoners at Guantanamo are super villains, or super anything else.

The are human beings. And as such should be subject to the Geneva Conventions.
Some prisoners were minding their own business, but at the wrong place and/or wrong time. That was their biggest crime.
Imagine you were walking to a business a few blocks from where you live. On the way there, someone pointed you out and you were kidnapped and whisked off to another country in chains and subject to brutal conditions. You end up in a hot hell hole and denied your basic human rights for years on end. As silly as it sounds, you were deemed to be too dangerous to be given a proper trial.
That is what we are doing to people we are keeping prisoner at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Granted there may be some actual terrorists there, but there is no reason why they cannot be given real, fair trials and IF, IF found guilty, be sent to federal prisons located in this country. Most can and should be sent home.

We, the United States, has no business doing what we are doing in the Middle East. Almost everything we touch over there turns to shit, either at the time we touch it or at some later date through unintended consonances. All we are doing there is making more enemies to fight. We have enough terrorists in power in this country, that should be in prison, instead of gold plated revolving doors and high paying jobs. Let's work on getting justice for those terrorists instead, OK?

Too many people are blinded by partisanship and the "My Way is the Only Way", in this country to

understand the real issues. Nothing exists outside their immediate world view. They cannot imagine anything from another's view point.
They pick one or a few items and twist and spin them into something palatable sounding for their propaganda sound bites.
There seems to be only a few anymore that can see the big picture and those people are denigrated as being out of touch, when it is the people doing the belittling that do not understand.

There are some elections coming up

We have a bunch of people running, that are taking up a lot of air time, saying a bunch of empty words, that they hope will get people to vote for them. Issues? They can't afford to be pinned down. They don't want their real issues known.
Most are only differentiated from each other by the sound of their voice and the skimpiness of the veracity in their lies.

Too many of us pick one player and root for them like this is some kind of sports game. These people will often pick some personal characteristic, or other of that one person, as a reason everyone else should vote for them. As if their views don't matter, till next time, when we do it allover again, having learned nothing from the last time, as our country continues to circle the drain.
Some cannot seem to be able to distinguish the positions of the various candidates, even when they are polar opposites of the same party! Others claim to be of one party or the other, but they back the one candidate that has a long history of showing they should be running in the other party. These people need to replace their agenda with a white cane.

I think more people need to be exposed to this classic. There is a lot of truth here.
Will McAvoy "What makes America the greatest country in the world? - You do"

Speaking of real democrats... Correct?

We finally have one running on what used to be the Democratic platform. A platform with the people in mind, and we are being told he is not a real Democrat. We are being told that nothing Bernie wants to do can work. By whom? The ever Rightward drifting backers of the 1% and the status quo, claiming to be the real Democrats.
Bernie is more of an actual Democrat than anyone running for President since ??? Carter? Kennedy? Eisenhower? Truman?

Eisenhower was the last true Republican to become President. Every single Republican President elected after him, are guilty of impeachable crimes against the American People... Often deserting of prison time, though none have been tried.
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