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Member since: Fri Apr 17, 2015, 01:17 PM
Number of posts: 3,160

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Just remember one basic fact folks....

One does not steal elections in order to do GOOD things once in office.

The most accurate poll in elections is the exit poll

The exit poll showed a 4% spread. That would have been a huge loss for the establishment. I hope Team Bernie is collecting all the evidence and will use it to swing delegates at the convention. I no longer wish to be living under machine politics. END CLINTONISM NOW!

Rosario Dawson, Linda Sarsour & Nomiki Konst - Full TYT Interview

WOW! These ladies are remarkable.

Venn Diagram: People who love Bernie, People who love Welcome Back Kotter

Sorry, the video will not embed. But if you fit both circles, then you will LOVE the video at the link.


Bernie Sanders-inspired music festival to take place in California

Bernie Sanders-inspired music festival to take place in California

Washington (CNN)New music festivals across the country will soon have floral headbands and flash tattoos alongside campaign buttons.

Bernie Sanders backers are set to gather on April 21 and 22 -- before the second weekend of the music and arts festival Cochella -- for what they're calling "Berniechella," a free event in Old Town Coachella, California, according to the event's Facebook page.

Artists set to perform include Alex Ebert, lead singer of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, DJ Shepard Fairey and the band Ozomatli, among others.

"It's a party of people who are in support of a particular candidate," event organizer Tizoc DeAztlan told The Desert Sun.

Have y'all seen this Bernie handshake?!??!!

Can this dude get any cooler?


After a week of so much Krugman fail, this tweet and reply are a perfect way to end the week.

Paul KrugmanVerified account
Sign of the times: when texting on my iPhone, typing in "Bernie" prompts an automatic suggestion of "Berniebro"

Hockey Liker For Now
@paulkrugman weird mine changed "Krugman" to "squandered reputation"


Why do people here engage with obvious trolls?

It is infuriating to watch important threads become derailed because "Bernie supporters" MUST engage with every trolls that crawls out from under a rock.


If you know by their posts that they are a troll/campaign operative, why engage?

My suspicion is that Bernie supporters who continue to engage with known trolls, are likely working with the troll to derail important discussions.

In anticipation of today's upcoming day of rage against Jimmy Carter, just remember...

One of these Presidents chooses not to belong to "the club"

Terrific, diverse, long form news reports on Al Jazeera - Live Stream

I highly recommend it to anyone with an interest in international, in depth reporting. YouTube is replacing the cable pablum. Old media is going to be extinct soon.

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