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Member since: Thu Apr 23, 2015, 02:54 PM
Number of posts: 3,457

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How many magazines do you need?

Hoarder prepares for "grid down" situation--

Is America ready for a clown in the White House?

The question became a serious subject as The Donald trumpeted his bid for the Presidency. Of course, it could be argued that George Bush Jr. already took this honor but I think he belongs more in the category of "useful idiot." Any thoughts on this pressing issue?

Cher....Charo...Sting.....Ludacris.....and now........JEB!

Can Jeb make people forget the fuckups that the Bush family are?

Jeb Bush is trying to fool voters into forgetting that he is a Bush by leaving his last name off of his campaign logo and not featuring his last name in his campaign video....

Jeb Bush can’t hide it. He is directly connected to family legacy of failure. If Jeb thinks that an exclamation point instead of last name can fool voters, he is in for a very bumpy presidential campaign.


He didn't know they were prostitutes--thought they were attracted to balding, paunchy old men...

Dominique Strauss-Kahn acquitted of aggravated pimping

During the trial, the three-judge panel looked at whether Strauss-Kahn was one of the organizers of sex parties involving prostitutes held in Paris, Brussels and Washington while he was head of the IMF. Strauss-Kahn and his lawyers have said repeatedly that although he indeed attended the parties, he was unaware that any of the women present were prostitutes.


Republicans: Proving every day that government doesn't work...

Would this make a good bumper sticker? Anyone have an idea on how to make it more powerful?

Just When Christie Thinks He's Outta Bridgegate, It Pulls Him Back In

Apparently, Christie's pals at the legal firm who exonerated him have caused him more problems!

Chris Christie is in South Carolina this week, his first trip there in the 2016 cycle. On Tuesday he spent seventy minutes answering questions from GOP activists, road testing pro-gun, anti-Common Core, and anti-teachers’ union messages as he lays groundwork to enter an ever-widening pool of contenders for the GOP nomination.

It would seem that, for now, the postponement to mid-November of the Bridgegate trials of former Port Authority deputy executive director Bill Baroni and Christie’s former deputy chief of staff Bridget Anne Kelly works in Christie’s favor. The summer could allow him to regain national footing, and it wouldn’t be all that surprising if we see something of a Christie bounce.

But there is something going on in the pre-trial maneuvering that could turn into a real headache for the governor.


Police biker thug was a OWS infiltrator...

An undercover New York City police detective accused of being one of 11 motorcyclists who assaulted a driver in Upper Manhattan testified on Tuesday that he became frightened for his own safety when he saw the man being pummeled and fled instead of intervening to help him.


The detective, who is married with two children and lives in Long Island City, Queens, said he had been an undercover officer for more than six years. He worked first on narcotics cases, making more than 250 drug purchases. More recently, he was assigned to infiltrate the Occupy Wall Street movement for the Intelligence Division.


Why On Earth Is Chris Christie Still Pretending To Run For President?

...But the truth is Christie stands out in every poll over Republican proto-candidates in almost any state where there’s polling as someone GOP voters have considered and rejected. His favorable/unfavorable ratio in the most recent national poll of Republicans was at 31/52 (PPP, May 13). In an April poll for NBC asking if Republicans could envision themselves ever supporting various candidates, fully 50 percent said “no” to any support for Christie, far more than for any other name. In the latest Iowa survey (from Quinnipiac) he’s running eighth at 3 percent, despite very high name ID, and has a favorable/unfavorable ratio of 32/56.

Even in New Hampshire, a more naturally congenial state for Christie and one where he’s spent a lot of time, he’s not doing well. A May 6 WMUR/UNH survey showed him running tenth in the Granite State—behind Carly Fiorina—with 3 percent of the vote. And his favorable/unfavorable ratio, while better than it is nationally, was still underwater at 39/40.

Christie’s plunged so far in the Invisible Primary that pollsters have stopped testing him against Hillary Clinton, though an April poll for NBC had him losing to her by 19 points—not too great for a candidacy based heavily on electability.



I want him to be disgraced and humiliated, with people shouting "Idiot!" and "Shut up and sit down!" at him everywhere he goes.
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