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New Jersey gets D grade in 2015 State Integrity Investigation...How does your state rate?

Honestly (if there is such a thing in my state) I thought it wouldn't be above an F.

How does each state rank for transparency and accountability? The State Integrity Investigation used extensive research to grade the states based on the laws and systems they have in place to deter corruption. Use the interactive to see how states scored overall and explore how they performed in each of the 13 categories. See related story 》


2 Louisiana Officers Charged With Second­Degree Murder in Killing of Boy, 6

Two police officers have been arrested on charges of second­degree murder in
connection with the shooting death of a 6­year­old boy during a pursuit of his
father in a sport utility vehicle in central Louisiana, the state police said
The officers, Norris Greenhouse Jr. and Lt. Derrick Stafford, who were
placed on administrative leave after the chase on Tuesday, also face charges of
attempted second­degree murder, Col. Michael Edmonson, superintendent of
the Louisiana State Police, said during a news conference on Friday.
The father, Chris Few, who was driving, was critically injured in the
shooting. Mr. Few’s son, Jeremy Mardis, was killed after the police opened fire on the SUV.


Supreme Court accepts challenge to health law’s contraceptive mandate

Source: Washington Post

The Supreme Court on Friday agreed to hear another challenge to the Affordable Care Act, this time to decide whether religiously affiliated organizations such as universities, hospitals and charities should be free from playing any role in providing employees with contraceptive coverage.

The case pits questions of religious liberty against a woman’s right to equal health care access, and it is the fourth time in five years the court will consider some aspect of what has come to be known as Obamacare.

[Ruling sets up another challenge to contraceptive mandate]

The Obama administration says it has provided the organizations with an easy way to opt out of the legal requirement that employers include contraceptives as part of health insurance coverage. Employers who object must file their religious objections and let insurance companies and the government take over from there.

But the groups say even that step would implicate them in what they sincerely believe to be a sin, adding that they face ruinous fines if they refuse to comply. They want to be included under the blanket exclusion from providing the coverage that the government has already extended to churches and solely religious groups.

Read more: https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/courts_law/supreme-court-accepts-challenge-to-health-laws-contraceptive-mandate/2015/11/06/5556d6da-8400-11e5-8ba6-cec48b74b2a7_story.html?wpisrc=al_alert-COMBO-politics%252Bnation

1 in 10 weddings were same-sex couples in summer of 2015

It was the summer of love, particularly for same-sex couples.

Some 96,000 same-sex couples got married between July and October 2015, bringing the total number of married same-sex couples in the U.S. to 486,000, which accounts for 45% of all same-sex couples, according to a new poll by research firm Gallup, which interviewed nearly 9,000 lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender Americans. Approximately one in 10 summer weddings in the U.S. were held by same-sex couples. Gallup asked those who report being married or living with a partner whether their spouse or partner is the same sex as them.

Since the federal Defense of Marriage Act was repealed in the Supreme Court case in 2013, the number of married same-sex couples in the U.S. has doubled, a separate report by the Williams Institute for Sexual Orientation Law and Public Policy at the University of California concluded. In U.S. versus Windsor, which overturned DOMA, New York residents Edith Windsor and Thea Spyer married in Canada in 2007 after 40 years together. Spyer died in 2009 and Windsor was required to pay $363,000 in federal estate taxes on her wife’s estate.


I worked for the CIA in Laos in Special Ops...

After meeting Richard Nixon at the Lincoln Memorial he begged me to go in country to further the Peace Talks. I spent six months in the jungle fighting alongside the Hmong. I wanted more out of life than just killing, so I enrolled at Harvard after receiving a full scholarship. After my sophomore year I was nominated for the Nobel Prize in physics based on my work on string theory with Steven Hawking. Working with him slowed me down so I flew on the first manned mission to Mars, establishing a colony that is still thriving.

Now I believe that I am uniquely qualified to be the Republican nominee for President of these great United States of America!

Ben Carson admits making up West Point scholarship: report

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson's campaign admitted Friday that the former neurosurgeon fabricated a story about applying to and being accepted at West Point. Carson's campaign made the admission in response to an inquiry from Politico. West Point has no record of Carson applying for admission, Politico said. In Carson's book "Gifted Hands," he says he got a "full scholarship" to the military academy.


The beginning of the end for Dr. Ben Carson.

New Jersey Voters, in Rebuke of Christie, Oust 3 Republicans From Assembly

New Jersey Voters, in Rebuke of Christie,
Oust 3 Republicans From Assembly

New Jersey Republicans faced a stinging defeat in off­year elections on
Tuesday, as three Republican members of the State Assembly were beaten for
re­election in a rebuke to the party and Gov. Chris Christie.
Republicans had hoped to build on Mr. Christie’s political successes and
cut into the Democratic majority in the chamber, where Democrats currently
hold 48 of the 80 seats. Instead, the election became a sharp reality check for
allies of the governor, who only two years ago won re­election by a towering margin.

It over until the fat man swings!

I think Ben Carson is right on this one...

Ben Carson Wisecracks: Many Americans 'Are Stupid'


And most of them are voting for him.

At Thanksgiving Americans welcome undocumented immigrants to their table...

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