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Hillary supporters crowing over NY voter suppression

Independents may feel the Bern, but they can’t vote in New York’s closed primary


Cross post from Hillary Group

NEW YORK — As one of the largest rallies of his presidential campaign drew to a close, Sen. Bernie Sanders (Vt.) offered his voters some unusual and unwanted advice.

They might lose.

“This is a tough race for us,” Sanders told thousands of supporters in Manhattan last week. “We have a system here in New York where independents can’t get involved in the Democratic primary, where young people who have not previously registered and want to register just can’t do it.”

Boos echoed through Washington Square Park, where plenty of voters had learned this the hard way. They had missed New York’s stringent deadline — in October — to switch party registration in order to cast a ballot in Tuesday’s Democratic primary. Now, the Sanders campaign is pre-
spinning a possible loss here by criticizing that rule.


Cruz Promises Tax Cuts For The Rich Will Create Economic Growth Not Seen In 30 Years

On Friday, he told CNBC’s Squawk Box, “My object is a minimum of 5 percent GDP growth.” And he would get there, he said, through his tax plan, which does away with most of the tax code to institute a 10 percent across the board rate on all income, and 16 percent on businesses. “The numbers we’re estimating are, if anything, underselling the GDP impact” of his plan, Cruz said.

Arthur Laffer, a former adviser to President Reagan, also joined the show and made bigger promises on behalf of Cruz’s plan. Pointing to the 7.1 percent annual GDP growth high point under Reagan, Laffer said, “You’ll get more than that” under Cruz’s plan. “Higher growth rates than 5 percent.”

...It’s unlikely tax cuts will unleash huge economic growth, however. Cruz’s plan would be a huge giveaway to corporations and the wealthy, with the richest 1 percent capturing half of all the benefits and just 7 percent going to the middle and lower class. It would also be costly, reducing government tax revenue by $8.6 trillion over a decade.


Zombie economics! It will not die!

Obama: "She’ll say anything, and change nothing."

What all three have in common...not corporate whores...

What all three have in common -- they've endorsed Sanders in the Dem presidential contest

Interesting tweets

Mark Murray ‏@mmurraypolitics Apr 13

Mark Murray Retweeted Alex Seitz-Wald

What all three have in common -- they've endorsed Sanders in the Dem presidential contest

Alex Seitz-Wald Verified account

Bernie Sanders using his powerful email fundraising list to boost Zephyr Teachout, Pramila Jayapal and Lucy Flores this a.m.

Corporate whores for Hillary...

Lobbyist Superdelegates Tip Nomination Toward Hillary Clinton

The following individuals are unelected, Clinton-supporting superdelegates who simultaneously work in the lobbying industry:

Jeff Berman, well-known for his delegate-strategy work in the past, is being paid by the Hillary Clinton campaign to organize her delegate-counting effort while himself being a superdelegate. A “top lobbyist” at Bryan Cave LLP, Berman previously worked as a lobbyist for the private prison company Geo Group and as a lobbyist helping TransCanada build support for the Keystone XL.
Bill Shaheen is one of the six New Hampshire superdelegates to endorse Clinton. Shaheen is a prolific party fundraiser, and his law firm is registered to lobby local officials in the state. The most recently available lobbying records show that Shaheen’s firm is registered to lobby on behalf of the American Council of Life Insurers and PainCare Centers, among other clients. PainCare has faced increasing scrutiny as local officials have noted that eight of the 10 most prolific opioid prescribers in New Hampshire’s Medicaid program worked for PainCare. The flood of prescription painkillers has fueled the heroin epidemic in the region, as four out of five heroin addicts report beginning their drug habit with opioids. Bill is the husband of Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, D-N.H.
Joanne Dowdell, another New Hampshire superdelegate, is the senior vice president for global government affairs at News Corporation, the parent company of Fox News. Federal Election Commission reports show Dowdell has contributed directly to multiple Democrats as well as to the News Corp PAC, a company committee that splits its donations between lawmakers of both parties. The News Corp government affairs division works to lobby public officials and regulators.
Superdelegates Jill Alper, Minyon Moore, and Maria Cardona are officials at Dewey Square Group, a lobbying firm that is closely affiliated with the Clinton campaign and retained by the Clinton-supporting Super PACs Priorities USA Action and Correct the Record. Alper and Moore are Clinton advisers who have raised over $100,000 for her campaign. Dewey Square Group, as we’ve reported, was retained by the health insurance industry to undermine health reform efforts in 2009, including proposals to change Medicare Advantage. The firm has previously worked to influence policy on behalf of Enron, Countrywide, Citigroup, Coca-Cola, the U.S. Telecom Association and News Corporation.
Jennifer Cunningham is the managing director of SKDKnickerbocker, a political consulting firm that provides a variety of services, including advertising and direct lobbying of public officials. In recent years, SKDKnickerbocker helped a coalition of corporate clients lobby the Obama administration on a tax cut for overseas earnings; lobbied for weakened rules governing for-profit colleges; and helped a food industry group undermine Michelle Obama’s nutrition guidelines for foods marketed to children. Recent records show that the firm is providing consulting work for Independence USA PAC, the Super PAC backed by billionaire Michael Bloomberg.
Tonio Burgos, a fundraiser for Clinton, is a lobbyist registered to influence New York City officials. Burgos’ current client list includes Verizon, Pfizer, and American Airlines.
Emily Giske, also a lobbyist in New York City, is registered to work on behalf of Airbnb, Yum Brands (the parent company of Taco Bell), Pfizer, and the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association, a trade group for Wall Street firms such as Goldman Sachs, Fidelity, and Bank of America.
Although they make up only a small proportion of the superdelegates, the presence of lobbyists in such a potentially decisive role adds fuel to the critique that the Democratic Party is influenced by monied special interests. In recent months, the DNC quietly repealed rules instituted by Barack Obama that banned lobbyists from donating to the party.

Hillary Clinton 2016: DC Lobbyists Set To Raise Cash For Hillary Victory Fund

One of the lobbyists headlining the upcoming event, Elmendorf, donated $33,400 to the Hillary Victory Fund in October, months before the DNC said publicly it had lifted its contribution ban. A former chief of staff to then-Democratic House leader Richard Gephardt, Elmendorf is registered to lobby for Wall Street mega-bank Citigroup and entertainment and media company News Corporation.

Records show that Elmendorf previously lobbied for Goldman Sachs — a firm that’s been criticized by Sanders, and which paid Clinton $675,000 in speaking fees. (She has refused to release transcripts of those speeches.) Elmendorf also lobbied Congress on behalf of the Colombian government to pass the Colombia Free Trade Agreement — a deal that Clinton opposed before pressing lawmakers to support it in her role as secretary of state. Elmendorf has raised $172,320 worth of donations for Clinton's campaign, according to Yahoo.

Both Elmendorf and Forbes — a founding partner at Forbes-Tate — have represented telecom giant Verizon as it’s fought the Obama administration’s net neutrality rules, which would prevent internet providers from blocking or slowing access to some websites.


Hillary Clinton does a better job than Bernie Sanders of explaining the details of his bank breakup

The problem is she wouldn't think of actually doing it!

Clinton has a much more impressive array of detailed points to make about how financial regulation works, but she doesn't have a particularly clear thematic message about why large, highly regulated institutions are better than smaller, less-regulated ones.


Bernie Sanders falls short on his tax return!


Hilllary Clinton 2014 income $28,336,212


Bernie Sanders 2014 income $205,617

That Bernie Sanders has to be hiding something!

Daily Show improves Hillary's "Cautious Politicians" joke...


Clinton defends her support for overthrowing democratically elected government...

Clinton told the NY Daily News on Monday that the Honduran government “followed the law” in ousting its president and said, “I think in retrospect we managed a very difficult situation without bloodshed.”

“I didn’t like the way it looked or the way they did it,” she said, “but they had a very strong argument that they had followed the constitution and the legal precedence.”

But at the time, the U.S. embassy in Honduras wrote that “there is no doubt” that what happened was “an illegal and unconstitutional coup.” The Embassy cable also emphasizes that the Honduran “Congress and the judiciary removed Zelaya on the basis of a hasty, ad-hoc, extralegal, secret, 48-hour process” and called their reasons for doing so “mere supposition or ex-post rationalizations of a patently illegal act.”

In the months after the coup, violence and impunity proliferated. The State Department’s own human rights report from the year after the coup cited the following:
Unlawful killings by police and government agents, which the government took some steps to prosecute; arbitrary and summary killings committed by vigilantes and former members of the security forces; harsh prison conditions; violence against detainees; corruption and impunity within the security forces; lengthy pretrial detention and failure to provide due process of law; politicization, corruption, and institutional weakness of the judiciary; corruption in the legislative and executive branches; government restrictions on the recognition of some civil society groups; violence and discrimination against women; child prostitution and abuse; trafficking in persons; discrimination against indigenous communities; violence and discrimination against persons based on sexual orientation; ineffective enforcement of labor laws; and child labor.


Goldman Sachs Probably Won’t Have To Pay All Of The New $5 Billion Mortgage Fraud Settlement

...But the way such consolidated settlements are structured means Goldman will not pay the full $5 billion price tag touted by Schneiderman.
The so-called “vampire squid” of the banking industry, which manages $861 billion in assets, will be able to write off $1.8 billion worth of consumer relief actions that Goldman must take under the settlement, for example. The same goes for $875 million in payments to settle related cases brought by Schneiderman, his Illinois counterpart Lisa Madigan, the National Credit Union Administration, and federally-backed housing lenders in Chicago and Seattle.
Less than half of the total sticker price — $2.385 billion — is structured as a civil penalty, which is generally not deductible. The settlement papers do prohibit Goldman from seeking FDIC reimbursement for any of the deal’s costs, but that language does not rule out simple deductions....

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