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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: New Mexico
Home country: USA
Member since: Sat Apr 25, 2015, 06:08 PM
Number of posts: 3,729

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How do you like you burgers and what do you put on them?

I like mine with a 1/3 pound, freshly ground sirloin patty, cooked to medium rare, with a toasted bun and guacamole, green chile, tomato, and BBQ sauce.

How about you?


I've noticed that being anti-choice or anti-marriage equality are ban worthy offenses (and they should be!) but I think you should add one more. SS cuts. Imo, one can't be considered a liberal if they support SS cuts, that's a Dem core issue.

Frank Zappa fans

What are your favorite Zappa albums? Mine are Joe's Garage, Hot Rats, The Yellow Shark, and Zoot Allures.

Anyone else still like both Sanders and Clinton?

Or am I alone in that? I prefer Bernie as far as policy goes but I like Clinton and have no problem supporting her this November. I believe her to be a good center-left Democrat ( with the exception of foreign policy, where I'd judge her to be center-right).

Here's my opinion regarding Bernie's campaign.

As a Bernie supporter in New Mexico, I want him to stay in the race until the end because I think every voter should have their say, even if it's symbolic. I would be opposed to Bernie contesting the convention because we need to be unified by then. After tonight I think he should basically not mention Clinton and just stick to his positive economic message and throw in some jabs against Republicans while he's at it.

Well I'm feeling

a little stung tonight. But we gotta keep looking forward and GOTV in the upcoming Bernie leaning States. The road to victory is going to be very difficult, but I believe it can be done!!!

Congrats guys!

From a Bernie supporter. I can't say I'm not feeling a little hurt but politics isn't meant for the thin-skinned. I do hope Sanders stays in for a while and after that, as is likely to happen, Clinton is voted Democratic nominee, I'll work my butt off to see her kick fascist, Republican ass .


Hey just wanted to say I'm a Bernie supporter but respect and like Hillary Clinton and believe she would be a great president. So here's my belated congratulations for her recent primary wins and may we all be united come November to kick Republican ass!
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