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Member since: Sun Apr 26, 2015, 11:58 PM
Number of posts: 8,158

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Breitbart (Gravis) polls not favoring Trump - ooops

538 now-cast - I like it's coloring ;)

Final Economist/YouGov Poll (Nov 4-7) Hillary +4

+1 improvement over their previous poll


**Final** Post-ABC Tracking Poll: Clinton 47 - 43

Clintonís edge in the Post-ABC poll does not reach statistical significance given the pollís 2.5 percentage-point margin in sampling error around each candidateís support, although a lead of this size would be a comfortable margin on Election Day. The 47 to 43 percent margin is identical to her edge in the previous four-day wave as well as a mid-October Post-ABC poll. Her margin is also the same size as Barack Obamaís winning margin against Mitt Romney in 2012, 51 to 47 percent. The final Post-ABC Tracking Poll that year found Obama at 50 percent and Romney at 47 percent.



Wingnut pollster, Trafalgar Group, tries to tilt Florida

Nate bags 'em (this is poll-plus forecast)

You have to look at their cross-tabs. 26% of blacks voting for Trump, 41% of Hispanics.


Sleazy Rasmussen tries to save reputation - puts out final poll showing Clinton +2 Nationally

They are so predictable.

Of note, however...

"Among those who say they have already voted, Clinton leads 53% to 37%. Johnson earns three percent (3%) and Stein one percent (1%). "


I just saw a DJT sign that had "grab the pussy" on it

Survey Monkey Oct31-Nov6: NH +11, NC +8, CO +4, NV +1, WI +1, FL +2, PA +5, VA +10, AZ +2, MI +2

MN +10, OH -3, GA -1, SC -2 - rest at link.


All of these are the same on an improvement for Hillary over the previous SM polls, so this is a good trend.

Before anybody freaks out about the new Remington (R-leaning) state polls put up on 538

All but one have the same lead or better than the previous version of this poll out Oct 30.

The one that is worse by 1 point is in Virginia, not an iffy state.

In addition, the polling dates are a few days old: Nov 1-2.

Thus these actually improved Hillary's odds by 0.8% and turned Nevada slightly blue on 538 (50.1%).


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