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Member since: Sun Apr 26, 2015, 11:58 PM
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They cheer me up sometimes

**Swing state polls - FL, NC, OH, WI, NV**

I copied from 538 so y'all can see the adjusted result from this Republican biased polling firm (Emerson).

Robert Reich speaks to a former Republican member of Congress (this is how dictators get into power)

Yesterday I spoke with a former Republican member of Congress whom Iíve known for years.

Me: What do you think of your partyís nominee for president?

He: Trump is a maniac. Heís a clear and present danger to America.

Me: Have you said publicly that you wonít vote for him?

He (sheepishly): No.

Me: Why not?

He: Iím a coward.

Me: What do you mean?

He: I live in a state with a lot of Trump voters. Most Republican officials do.

Me: But youíre a former official. You're not running for Congress again. What are you afraid of?

He: I hate to admit it, but Iím afraid of them. Some of those Trumpistas are out of their fu*king minds.

Me: You mean youíre afraid for your own physical safety?

He: All it takes is one of them, you know.

Me: Wait a minute. Isnít this how dictators and fascists have come to power in other nations? Respected leaders donít dare take stand.

He: At least Iím no Giuliani or Gingrich or Pence. Iím not a Trump enabler.

Me: Iíll give you that.

He: Let me tell you something. Most current and former Republican members of Congress are exactly like me. I talk with them. They think Trump is deplorable. And they think Giuliani and Gingrich are almost as bad. But theyíre not gonna speak out. Some donít want to end their political careers. Most donít want to risk their lives. The Trump crowd is just too dangerous. Trump has whipped them up into a g*ddamn frenzy.


No link, found on Facebook.

...economy grew by 2.9 percent in this year's third quarter ... - ... the fastest pace in two years.

Maybe this election cycle really is getting to us.

On Friday, one report showed the economy is growing at a surprisingly quick pace, but another found consumers are feeling less upbeat.

The Commerce Department said the economy grew by 2.9 percent in this year's third quarter. That's a very solid expansion ó the fastest pace in two years. It exceeded the 2.5 percent rate most economists had been forecasting.



** While our hair was on fire, new state polls: Hillary +3 NC, +8 NH, +4 OH, +7 PA, +1 NV **


These polls boosted Hillary's odds 0.5% on 538.

**PPP FL Senate - race is tied!**



**Saint Leo University Hillary + 13 in FL, +11 Nationally!**


C+ pollster, but who doesn't like big numbers?

"Don't give Hillary a blank check" ad

...has shown up on my phone hundreds of times and I have reported it every time. I'm glad that the Kelly Ayotte people are admitting that Hillary is going to win but why have a "report this ad" button if it serves no purpose?

It seems the Koch brothers have bought 100% of the ad time for anything related to politics.

**New Suffolk Univ. national poll, Hillary 47 - Rump 38**

Announced early on MSNBC before release at 2 p.m.

LA Times/Doofus Dorkulon poll now has Hillary +1.3%


That's approx. +2.5% swing from a week ago.

Just another effed up shite poll trying to get their act together before the election.
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