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Member since: Sun Apr 26, 2015, 11:58 PM
Number of posts: 8,158

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$140 for an appt, $170 for a test, 5 days and counting for results?

We have no coordinated system for dealing with this pandemic in this country. It's a colossal disaster.

We are slow at work, so my coworker is working part time. She has no health insurance. She moonlights as a bartender so she can pay the rent. As you might expect, she was exposed to a person with Covid at her bartending job. 9 days after exposure, she got a call that she was exposed to a person who tested positive (they have 4 positive tests and counting currently.) She immediately gets a doctor's appointment ($140) and they recommend a test (next day, $170). She got the lab test due to the well published lack of accuracy of the quick-test (assuming the quick test was even offered.)

Currently I am in quarantine 5 days later waiting patiently for her result. By the time the result comes in, it'll be pointless. I have had to curtail ANY interaction with people (shopping, bringing mom stuff etc) since last Tuesday. IF she tests positive, then that puts a whole new set of events into motion (all essentially too delayed to make any difference.)

Am I wrong to be livid at how utterly inept our system is 9 months into this pandemic? Why are poor people who are barely making ends meet paying for tests? Why are doctors charging $140 just to give permission to take a test? Why are results so delayed as to have essentially no usefulness? Our entire company is on hold waiting for this result. We're honestly not much better than a 3rd world country at this point, it's no wonder our response to this pandemic has been a disaster. Obviously we would be much batter off if we had an actual coordinated government response, which starts at the top. Worst president ever. Biden can't get into office fast enough.

A nice round number

I've been watching & waiting for it to tick up to an even 51.0%

5.8 million vote lead achieved, 6 million soon.

Biden's lead in PA up to 82k


And those idiots in MI came to their senses. Things are looking up.

OK, I'm done with ignoring the hanger-on zombies

I've taken to pointing and laughing, then yelling "haha, your [expletive] lost!" when I see the houses with the x-tra large posters with the losers name on them.

Also, in the DD covfefe line this morning I had a "women for Rump" (and two other stickers) person in front of me. I yelled loudly "haha, your guy lost!".

I'm done with ignoring them. Yes, I don't really care that they're pathetically displaying loser items in public (it's kind of funny), but I do think they should know that many people consider them poor sport losers.

Remind you of someone?

They even share a name.

Biden's lead in PA up to nearly 66k


I'm a bad person

Yep. I saw an older guy wearing a Rump cap at the supermarket so I loudly whispered at him from behind "haha Trump lost!"

I did it that way because I didn't want a confrontation, but I did want him to hear me.

NBC calls AZ for Biden!

AZ slips farther away from Rump in latest dump of 5500 ballots

Rump only gained 146 votes out of that 5500.

He now needs 85% of the remaining ballots to tie.

He's toast.

I'm embarrassed for CNN

They can easily call AK, but choke on their spittle when asked about calling AZ?

Look at the trends, very similar, yet they just can't muster the sack to call it.


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