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Actually, the Supreme Court Just Gave Congress a Big Win

Trump might have won a short-term political battle. But Congressí subpoena power is clearer than it ever was.

In the immediate aftermath of Thursdayís Supreme Court rulings on who has the right to access the presidentís financial records, numerous commentators cast the decisions as a ďsplitĒ that gave prosecutors a clear win but thwarted Congressís ability to obtain Trumpís financial records. But while Trump might have won a short-term political battle by effectively managing to keep his records hidden until after the November election, there should be no confusion about who won on Thursday.

The 7-2 majority rejected Trumpís claim of absolute immunity for himself, his businesses and his children from state grand jury subpoenas and subpoenas from three congressional committees. Yes, the court did not give Congress the immediate and largely unconditional win that it handed prosecutors in New York. But that scorecard misses the bigger picture. Indeed, in some respects, Congress emerged with more clarity about its oversight powers, and how to enforce them, than it had before the Supreme Court weighed in.



FL hits 10k cases again


State Total Cases NewCases
Florida 223,783 +9,989
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