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Another song emerges from the grassroots

Elizabeth WARREN hasn't gone anywhere and is still kicking ass and taking names

Tuesday night, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) spoke at the Re/code conference, a confab of media and tech influencers. During a question and answer session, a voter asked why politicians aren’t building infrastructure or implementing other policy that respects the will of the people. Warren explained that the government in Washington just isn’t responsive to the people who elected it – and won’t be unless their constituents revolt and demand accountability:

QUESTION: How am I or the fifty percent of people who can vote or don’t supposed to actually believe any politician that says we are going to rebuild this country, energy infrastructure, internet infrastructure, education all these things matter. I believe that. And with interest rates this low, it makes sense for us to issue paper on 30 or 100 year notes to rebuild America. Why aren’t we doing that?

WARREN: It’s exactly the right question. We are not doing it because the people in Washington, too many of the people in Washington, do not represent the folks who elected them. They represent the rich and the powerful who don’t want their taxes raised, who don’t want to see any change. Who are perfectly happy with things where they are, indeed they’re doing great with things where they are. And they stay in the ear of enough of the folks in Washington that it has made it impossible to get any kind of change. The only way we get change is when enough people in this country say I’m mad as hell and I’m fed up and I’m not going to do this anymore. You are not going to go back and represent me in Washington, DC. if you are not willing to pass a meaningful infrastructure bill. If you are not willing to refinance student loan interest rates and stop dragging in billions of dollars in profits off the backs of kids who otherwise can’t afford to go to college. If you don’t say you’re going to fund the NIH and NISF because that is our future. We have to make these issues salient and not just wonky. When you hear us talk about this and you say this is like the wonkiest conference ever, can you imagine saying that at a tech conference, when you say this is the wonkiest conference we’ve ever had, no! These have to be the things that you wake up people all over America and say what matters? Whether or not you’re going to have a job, whether or not you’re going to have a retirement, whether or not your kids are going to have any chance to build a future for them. It’s gotta be about these core issues. And we gotta talk about ‘em, talk about ‘em enough until there’s some real change in this country that’s all I know to do.


Cop Uses Facebook To Taunt Family of Unarmed Man He Killed

Salt Lake City, Utah – In a sickening move, the purported Facebook account of the cop who shot and killed Joey Tucker six years ago posted comments demeaning the life of the man he killed.

The damning comments, posted to a Facebook page set up by Tucker’s family to memorialize their son’s life, belittled the family of the dead man, taunting that his life was only worth $100,000; the amount of the settlement the family apparently received in a lawsuit related to Tucker’s killing.

Tucker was gunned down by Salt Lake City police officer Louis “Law” Abner Jones, after he failed to pull over for the officer in what began as a non-emergency assistance call.

Earlier that day Tucker entered diabetic shock and began acting irrationally, after failing to take his insulin, according to Justin King of The Fifth Column News.


Michael E. Dyson: Bernie Sanders is surging because there’s ‘a little bit of socialist’ in everybody

Georgetown University professor Michael Eric Dyson asserted over the weekend that Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders (I-VT) had an unexpected amount of support because socialist policies are secretly very popular with voters.

During a Sunday panel discussion on ABC’s This Week, host George Stephanopoulos wondered if the “huge crowds” that Sanders was seeing at events would be a problem for former Gov. Martin O’Malley’s campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination.

“It’s a huge challenge to O’Malley,” author John Heilemann observed. “Six months ago, if you had said, would Bernie Sanders become the primary alternative to [Hillary] Clinton, no one would have thought that was possible. He has an incredible degree of authenticity, and he has incredibly strong, distinctive economic proposals, which are very appealing to the populist, far-left wing of the party.”

“If you’re a mainstream liberal, you’re going to like Hillary Clinton,” he continued. “If you’re further to the left, Bernie Sanders is your guy.”


Bernie Sanders talks about racial justice, the 1963 March on Washington, and MLK's legacy

Nice car, boss!

Bernie Sanders Pledges To End No Child Left Behind, Shut Down For-Profit Prisons

Last night, Bernie Sanders did a series of events in New Hampshire, with the largest being in Portsmouth, where he spoke to 800 people at a local church.

Much of the territory he covered was the traditional Sanders spiel: raise taxes on the wealthy who have long dodged their tax responsibilities, make education and health care free, combat rising political and economic inequality.

But during the question and answer session he divulged from his normal territory and took on a few new areas: education, the prison industrial complex, and immigration, staking out left-wing positions that are bolder than any major party nominee in recent memory.


Dennis Hastert paid to conceal sexual misconduct, sources say

Source: LA Times

Indicted former House Speaker Dennis Hastert was paying an individual from his past to conceal sexual misconduct, two federal law enforcement officials said Friday.

One of the officials, who would not speak publicly about the federal charges in Chicago, said “Individual A,” as the person is described in Thursday’s federal indictment, was a man and that the alleged misconduct was unrelated to Hastert’s tenure in Congress. The actions date to Hastert’s time as a Yorkville, Ill., high school wrestling coach and teacher, the official said.

“It goes back a long way, back to then,” the source said. “It has nothing to do with public corruption or a corruption scandal. Or to his time in office.” Thursday’s indictment described the misconduct “against Individual A” as having “occurred years earlier.”

Asked why Hastert was making the payments, the official said it was to conceal Hastert’s past relationship with the male. “It was sex,’’ the source said. The other official confirmed that the misconduct involved sexual abuse.

Read more: http://www.latimes.com/nation/la-na-hastert-misconduct-20150529-story.html

Ben & Jerry's releases climate change flavor, "Save Our Swirled"

With its new flavor, Save Our Swirled, Ben & Jerry’s is urging fans to dig their spoons into climate change activism.

The flavor is a mix of raspberry ice cream, marshmallow and raspberry swirls, and dark and white fudge ice cream cones. But Save Our Swirled is also a flavor with a message: when you dig out a spoonful, the website says, “you can’t help but notice” that those cones appear to be melting. Abbreviated on pint lids as SOS, Save Our Swirled’s message is simple: If it’s melted, it’s ruined, whether it’s our ice cream or our world. The flavor launched earlier this week in the U.S., and will debut in European markets in the summer and move into Asian and Australian markets later in the year.

“The place where we interact with our consumers most is in the freezercase,” Chris Miller, Ben & Jerry’s Social Mission Activism Manager, told ThinkProgress. While the flavor is a central element, it is part of a “larger, global campaign” against climate change, Miller said.


Stewart had a lot of fun with 2016 tonight.

“They’re all very colorful characters, but for me — for me — there can be only one Fuckface von Clownstick,” Stewart said, before playing the clip of Trump saying he knows how to defeat ISIS, but doesn’t want to give it away.

“Not because I don’t have a foolproof plan, I do,” Stewart said as Trump. “But I’m not going to tell you, I’m withholding it for now, because I am a tremendous asshole.”

Stewart went on to praise the “excitable” and “unpolished” Bernie Sanders in relation to the overly controlled Hillary Clinton, who somehow becomes southern when she speaks in the South.

“The problem isn’t Bernie Sanders is a crazy-pants cuckoo bird,” Stewart concluded. “It’s that we’ve all become so accustomed to stage-managed, focus-driven candidates that authenticity comes across as lunacy.”


There's a video clip at the link. The text doesn't do the 9-minute segment justice.
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