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Member since: Thu May 28, 2015, 04:37 PM
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I think you are seeing what you wish to see.

Two evenings ago,

I shaved off my goetee which was the result of a short-lived full beard that I had not quite twenty years ago. I left the mustache that I have had for 30+ years. There was a little too much gray showing and I just shaved it to see what I looked like. My wife did not notice the change for about two hours that evening (should I let that bother me?) Finally, she said "holy shit, what did you do? I told her I thought the goatee was making me look old. She said she liked the way I looked with the hairy chin.

Tonight I double-downed. I shaved off the mustache. I grew that shortly after we began dating. The kids had never seen me clean shaven. Apparently, the shock was enough so that I was ordered to get rid of my razors TFN. (I forgot about the scar on my chin from a football injury.)

My dad did something similar when he was a bit older than me. I was feeling nostalgic. I can always grow it back. (I hope it does not come back with even more gray. Shit, I should have thought of that.)
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