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Name: Don\'t wish to share just yet
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Hometown: West Coast
Home country: USA
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Member since: Thu Jul 2, 2015, 11:56 AM
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About Me

I am in a state of semi-retirement, cannot afford not to work and actually enjoy working but live from paycheck to paycheck most often. I\'m old enough to remember when we had hope and when politicians didn\'t have to sell off our kids\' future to get elected, when almost every job came with a health insurance plan, and when schools and streets were safe and there were no SUVs and people seemed to be getting more tolerant and not more bigotted. That\'s all for now, I just hope to stay in my Happy Place as long as I can!

Journal Archives

Presidential Poll 2016: Bernie Sanders Beats Clinton In Iowa State Fair

Breaking news, actually.

Presidential Poll 2016: Bernie Sanders Beats Clinton In Iowa State Fair; Trump, Carson Lead Republicans

U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders eked out a win over former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the informal Iowa State Fair poll during the weekend, finishing with 47.5 percent of the Democratic voters polled to Clinton's 47.17 percent. To put that another way, Sanders and Clinton were more popular among Democrats than "food" was among all fair goers last weekend. Of fair goers, 46.85 percent were most excited about food, compared to livestock (16.63 percent), the butter cow (14.29 percent) and political speeches (8.73 percent).

That Sanders beat Clinton in the poll is not necessarily representative of the state as a whole, however. While Clinton's polling has dipped slightly in the months since Sanders joined the race, she still has a 24.2 point average lead over Sanders in polling of likely Iowa Democratic voters. Still, that Sanders has managed to get such a commanding foothold in second place (with 26.3 percent) has led many to wonder if Clinton's political liabilities are something about which the Democratic party should worry. Nationally, Clinton leads Sanders by an average of 32.5 percentage points in polls.


Help. Looking for graphic occupation icons. Depictions of women are upsetting me.

I've been looking for sets of icons/buttons showing men and women in a variety of career positions.

Fuck. Almost all of them depict mostly men, white men, and where women are cast they are cast in less impressive roles.

Big surprise, right?

Check this out, from this set women are good at two things, apparently:
Serving food and standing there looking pretty in a skirt:

I think I'll end up drawing my own. Unless any graphics people out there can recommend a better source than shutterstock.

I'm sorry, but other candidates are in the news nonstop. Bernie has 28,000 at an event, and....

...it's not aired by any of the major news outlets???

I don't have cable, but I'm told that he's being ignored altogether.

Is anybody with cable seeing it aired live, or even bits of it on CNN or MSNBC???

I'm just gonna set this down right here....

Protestors target Sanders because he has the mic, and doesn't have Secret Service.

I reject this notion that Secretary Clinton's people are behind the disruption of Sanders events.

First of all, I don't think Black Lives Matter people (if indeed one can say that they have an organization) are targeting Sanders events in the first place; I think that the BLM movement is being used a convenient excuse to increase exposure by a few people who use civil disobedience to promote their cause(s).

Yesterday's protestors are associated with this group https://outsideagitators206.org/

Seems to be an in-your-face sort of group willing to break the rules of civil discourse in the (imagined) furtherance of their cause(s).

I think it doesn't work and is counterproductive, but that's just me.

I think they go after Bernie because he has the attention of the people tight now and pretty poor security.

Hillary isn't out there very much and when she is she enjoys the protection of the Secret Service.


Now I hope that Sanders gets better security and I hope his team more clearly addresses POC and the BLM movement.

But, more than that, I hope we can keep from being distracted away from fighting against the GOP, who are really the ones who need to be exposed and beaten down.

Happy Sunday.

Live Stream for Second Bernie event in Seattle with 15,000 in attendance!

This rally right now with 12,000 inside and 3,000 more outside doesn't have any agitators:

Just off the phone with the DNC...

Very nice woman, mentioned that there was an opportunity for me to take advantage of a donation matching program.

That's really nice, I told her, but I plan to donate directly to Sanders, and that I wasn't happy with the DNC's favoritism toward the frontrunner this early in the process, mentioning the limited schedule of debates.

I have no idea if she noted my response, it was not solicited.

Now what a shame, because I might have been inclined to make a small donation, that would have been doubled, if not for the reasons I cited.

I just wanted to share that.
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