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Name: Don\'t wish to share just yet
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Hometown: West Coast
Home country: USA
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Member since: Thu Jul 2, 2015, 11:56 AM
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About Me

I am in a state of semi-retirement, cannot afford not to work and actually enjoy working but live from paycheck to paycheck most often. I\'m old enough to remember when we had hope and when politicians didn\'t have to sell off our kids\' future to get elected, when almost every job came with a health insurance plan, and when schools and streets were safe and there were no SUVs and people seemed to be getting more tolerant and not more bigotted. That\'s all for now, I just hope to stay in my Happy Place as long as I can!

Journal Archives

I'm concerned.

Please take note.

You heard it here first. HRC's next attack strategy: Sanders not a Democrat & downticket races.

I've heard snippets already in the MSM.

And it's apparent in this response to a young person's question here: https://t.co/GwveqoBuis

It's a fair tactic, I suppose, and one the Sanders campaign would be wise to consider.

Sanders is doing great, I expect his campaign is ready for an attack against his credentials as a D and his ability to work with the party regulars.

Go Bernie!

ABC News--- BERNIE SANDERS coming up right now!

Hillary down to single digit lead.

37 : 30 : 14 (Hillary, Bernie, 14 for Biden)

Her negatives are up and positives are down.

Bernie up right now!

Is her campaign in trouble?

"I don't know but ours is doing great."

He keeps it about HIM, not her.... great deflection!

This just in:

New Hampshire, well that's just New Hampshire.

New Hampshire can't possibly be indicative of how the country feels about the candidates, right?


Right now Bernie at DNC online and on CSPAN!


Keep on rockin in the free world!

Live: O'Malley slamming DNC for the debate schedule!!!


Good. Why limiting debates?

He uses Republican outrages for a reason that we should have LOTS OF DEBATES to call them out for it!

“Four debates and only four debates — we are told, not asked — before voters in our earliest states make their decision,” the presidential candidate said at the Democratic National Committee (DNC) Summer Meeting on Friday.

“This sort of rigged process has never been attempted before,” he added. “One debate in Iowa. That’s it. One debate in New Hampshire. That’s all we can afford.”

Why shouldn't we use debates as a way to get more airtime to call them out?

Why is there a "decree of silence"?

I love it! ETA video clip

Progressives bashing THE progressive candidate for objecting to war?

For taking a principled stand against endless wars?

Bernie deserves credit for taking a day out of campaigning to pay respect.

I think he will, at a proper time and in a proper place, respond to the senseless gun violence that occurred today with specific policy suggestions.

But right now, I think it's appropriate to put his campaign aside and thoughtfully respond as he did:

"I am saddened by the senseless deaths of Alison Parker and Adam Ward,”

"Jane and I have their families and friends in our thoughts.”

I expect that he will reiterate his former support for universal background checks and closing gun show loopholes.

But not now, not within hours of the tragedy.

Sad sad thing. Thank you, Senator Sanders, for not making political hay of this event.

Whoomp! There it is!

The intercept, this reminds me of 2007-2008!

Just this:

From Campaign Zero:


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