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Member since: Sun Jul 5, 2015, 07:54 PM
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Iowa State Fair Soapbox with Bernie Sanders (@2pm) - Bernie2016tv preshow Live Now

Bernie Sanders is said to be crabby and humorless.

"If that were true, it’s hard to understand why in 1993 he introduced legislation to make the compensation rates for Congress equal to that of their Mexican counterparts if Congress passed the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) which would force American workers to compete with Mexican workers for jobs and pay."

This brief blog features an equally concise video... of the one 2016 candidate who has consistently fought for "everyday" Americans, for decades.

Who's in your wallet?

Loras College moves Bernie Sanders to larger venue (Iowa)

In Dubuque, 1,300 people have reserved their spot at the rally, but more are expected to attend.

It's because of this large expected crowd that campaign officials had to switch the venue space at Loras.

"The RSVP's earlier today indicate that they have 1,300 RSVP's and they usually expect about twice as many RSVP's at an event, so we actually decided to move the event to the Health and Wellness Center," Faculty Adviser of the Loras College Democrats, Dr. Christoffer Lammer-Heindel, said.

The Health and Wellness Center can hold about 1,700 people and overflow space will be provided if necessary.

The rally starts at 6 p.m. Sunday.


Why Conservative Billionaires Have Started Talking Like Bernie Sanders

Hillary Clinton and most of the other presidential candidates in both parties are not the only ones starting to sound a lot like Bernie Sanders....

...the growing fear among elites that they’ve pushed economic inequality too far. That fear is proliferating, according to a New York Times Op-Ed this weekend by former marketing conglomerate CEO Peter Georgescu. Joined by his friend Ken Langone, founder of Home Depot, Georgescu warns his fellow 1 percenters that “we are creating a caste system from which it’s almost impossible to escape.” The column raises the specter of “major social unrest” if inequality is not addressed.

Georgescu writes:

I’m scared. The billionaire hedge funder Paul Tudor Jones is scared. My friend Ken Langone, a founder of the Home Depot, is scared. So are many other chief executives. Not of Al Qaeda, or the vicious Islamic State or some other evolving radical group from the Middle East, Africa or Asia. We are afraid where income inequality will lead.

Capitalism, unreined during the 1920s, had hit another of its cyclical failures, this time its worst yet. The powerful feared revolution, and the New Deal constituted a sort of bargain made between capitalists and the people: A bit of socialism to save capitalism from itself.

- See more at: http://www.occupy.com/article/why-conservative-billionaires-have-started-talking-bernie-sanders#sthash.mJYxDsTT.dpuf

This is a good read imo.

Bernie Sanders' campaign manager Jeff Weaver speaks out about success

Anderson Cooper speaks with Jeff Weaver about Sanders' surge in the polls that show him leading in New Hampshire.

Anderson performs his role as MSM doubter, but Jeff's confidence in the campaign is obvious.
A good clip for both of them, and Bernie, I say.

Provide Bernie Sanders Secret Service protection (?)

Hi group,

I got an invitation this morning to sign this petition:

Provide Bernie Sanders Secret Service protection immediately as a leading Democratic presidential candidate and Senator.
Bernie Sanders is a sitting U. S. Senator and a leading candidate in the presidential campaign of 2016. Recent disturbances at Bernie Sanders campaign events have shown his vulnerability with regard to potentially violent confrontations with disturbed people. In 2007, at a similar stage in that campaign, Barack Obama was given Secret Service protection by George W. Bush for exactly this reason, and he had not even experienced such disturbances yet, nor was Obama attracting crowds of over 25,000 regularly, as Senator Sanders is. This situation must not be allowed to continue a moment longer. Bernie Sanders must have immediate Secret Service protection, just as the other leading candidate does.


This looks legitimate, and might be a good idea although I'm not totally comfortable with the wording of it.
Does anyone here know what the Sanders Campaign thinks about this petition?
Any other thoughts?

Lawrence O'Donnell Touts Bernie Sanders, Calls Scott Walker's Stadium Subsidy 'Bad Socialism'

In his MSNBC show The Last Word Tuesday evening, Lawrence O’Donnell dedicated a segment to describing his opinion of what “good and bad socialism” looks like. Naturally his example of “good” socialism included the man and policies Bernie Sanders. It also included a 6 year old cover from Newsweek magazine that proclaimed “We Are All Socialists now,” which detailed how it's becoming normal (and good) for America to fund massive socialist policies like Social Security and Medicaid. Bad socialism is, of course, allowing the government to “socialize” the sports industry by subsidizing the construction of new stadiums for rich and greedy team owners and the millionaire athletes they employ. - See more at: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/nb/spencer-raley/2015/08/12/lawrence-odonnell-touts-bernie-sanders-calls-scott-walkers-stadium#sthash.rx8LMTsO.dpuf

This article contains a short video clip from the show... and a transcript.
Bernie will surely face a fair amount of negative ads and public press on the "Socialism" question... but it's interesting to see how many Americans (of all voting ages) have less negativity about the kinds of policies he advocates. Corporate Socialism however, is gradually becoming a more widely recognized evil.

Robert Reich: 4 Recurring Criticisms of Bernie Sanders and Why They're Wrong

Here are the 4 recurring criticisms of Bernie Sanders by the mainstream media, and why they're wrong:

1. He doesn't appeal to Latinos and blacks. Wrong. As his name recognition and message grow, Latinos and blacks are joining up because they recognize he's talking about the toxic interaction between racism and economic inequality. Last night's Sanders event in Los Angeles included large numbers of Latinos and blacks.

2. He's too far to the left to appeal to mainstream voters. Wrong again. Many who consider themselves conservatives are just as outraged by crony capitalism and abuses of power. Sanders is helping give life to an encompassing progressive movement to take economic and political power away from an elite that's rigged the system against the vast majority.

3. He's too old. Nonsense. He's only five years older than Hillary Clinton and two years older than Joe Biden, and anyone who's watched him zip around the country these past few months (usually by commercial aircraft) and give thunderous speeches know he's strong and vital.

4. He can't be elected. That's what they said about John F. Kennedy, referring to his Catholicism, and Barack Obama, referring to his race and his name. The "can't be elected" mantra is meaningless this early in the race anyway.
What do you think?


MSM coverage of Sanders' surging in NH Poll

CNN Bernie Sanders tops Clinton in recent poll:

Bernie Sanders Takes The Lead Over Hillary Clinton | msnbc:

Poll: Sanders leads Clinton in New Hampshire

CBS: Bernie Sanders leads New Hampshire polls

http://thehill.com/blogs/ballot-box/sanders-surges-ahead-of-clinton-in-new-hampshire (video)


Lots more in my newsfeed from a wide variety of MSM sources... I may add others to this OP shortly by edit.
Reactions vary a lot it seems, but at least this news is being covered in the land where cords have not yet been cut.

Imagine a 'President Bernie Sanders'

(CNN) - America is suddenly feeling "the Bern" -- the political momentum that seems to be lifting Bernie Sanders, who is drawing huge crowds wherever he goes, including roughly 28,000 fans in Portland and over 17,500 in Los Angeles. Celebrities such as Sarah Silverman and Mark Ruffalo are singing his praises, and California rapper "Lil B The Based God" this week pulled away from Hillary Clinton and is endorsing Sanders.
I've lived in Vermont for nearly four decades, and I've watched Bernie (everyone here calls him Bernie) at work, listening to him carefully since he first won the mayor's job in Burlington in 1981. I've read his position papers, listened to many of his speeches and attended his town hall-type forums, even talked to him personally about the issues that concern him. Most Vermonters know him well, and we have a pretty good idea about what he might attempt to do in the Oval Office.

... much more here:

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