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Member since: Sun Jul 5, 2015, 07:54 PM
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Bernie Sanders Favorability Ratings Skyrocketed During the Past Two Weeks

The latest candidate to gain on overall favorable ratings in our most recent poll is a big surprise for both the establishment left and right.

Both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders saw upticks in their favorability ratings, according to the latest poll conducted by Google Consumer Surveys for IJ.com, but Clinton’s small gains have been overshadowed by a leap from Sanders.

Senator Sanders has seen a jump from 36% to 44% favorability rating among very likely voters polled:

While Sanders was winning big following the CNN debate, Hillary Clinton inched forward, too.
Here’s what her most recent favorables look like:

The Google Consumer Surveys favorability tracking poll for IJ.com is conducted every two weeks. The most recent poll had 2,141 respondents from a nationwide sample.

New Bloomberg NH Poll - Sanders 41% Clinton 36% Biden 10%

Bloomberg Politics ‏@bpolitics 1h1 hour ago
@BernieSanders leads the pack in the new @bpolitics/@SaintAnselm poll of New Hampshire Dems http://bloom.bg/1GgIWON

Sanders does better than Clinton and Biden on traits of authenticity and likability, which the vice president's allies have suggested would be his advantage. Sanders is seen as most authentic by 57 percent of those surveyed, while 19 percent call Biden the most authentic, barely ahead of Clinton at 16 percent. The Vermont senator also gets the highest marks among voters asked which candidate cares most about them – 51 percent say that of Sanders, while 23 percent say it of Clinton and 10 percent say it of Biden. Sanders also has an edge on being trusted to tell the truth, 53 percent to Biden's 17 percent and Clinton's 13 percent.

Opinion: How CNN moderators slanted the Democratic debate

CNN wanted a bullfight. But for the most part, the candidates were more interested in discussing their own ideas than trashing their rivals, and rightly so.

WATCHING the Democratic debate was an exercise in frustration, but not with the candidates.

Under the guise of raising "concerns that voters have" about the candidates, CNN's Anderson Cooper opened the debate by repeating every well-worn line of attack against them.

Bernie Sanders Beat Hillary Clinton Debating Edward Snowden, Civil Liberties?

Bernie2016tv fires back @ corp media 8PM ET from underground location

Did-Bernie-Sanders-win-the-debate? DailyKos

All this punditry vs post-debate polling is quite amusing... Here's more fuel for the fire from DailyKos:


A President that will never quit on you?

Draft Biden Releases New TV Ad to Air Before Democratic Debate

Joe Biden -- "Never Quit"

Bernie Sanders vs. Hillary Clinton on Social Security

If you're between the ages of voting for the first time, and managing your retirement, the candidates' positions on the future of Social Security may be of importance to you.

According to Hillary Clinton’s past stands on Social Security, in April of 2008, she was against lifting the cap on payroll taxes because she said it would be a tax on the “middle-class”. But lifting or eliminating the cap would only increase Social Security taxes on those in the top 5% income bracket and wouldn’t have taxed the middle-class one more penny. Hillary had no idea who the “middle-class” even was. Didn’t she know that 50% of all wage earners take home $28,000 or LESS every year? Senator Bernie Sanders knows.

But that was in 2008. Last year in August of 2014 Hillary said she might consider some sort of a payroll cap increase, but she was very wishy-washy and non-committal on the issue (and that might be because she didn’t want to raise taxes on billionaires. She only went as far as saying that she wouldn’t “privatize” Social Security — and that she might consider “means-testing” for reducing Social Security benefits for higher-income retirees (like herself).
Bernie has introduced legislation that would make the wealthiest Americans pay the same share of their income into Social Security as other wage earners. That change would fully fund the retirement program through 2065. Under his measure, the average monthly benefit would increase by $65 a month, and cost-of-living adjustments would more accurately measure inflation for seniors — and the minimum benefit would be raised to lift millions of “old people” out of poverty — and keeping young people today out of poverty tomorrow when it’s their turn to retire.


DU'er opinions on this?

If anybody didn't see Sen.Sanders on MTP Sunday... Youtube Video

I know a lot of DU'ers don't like to see Chuck Todd so much, but if anybody didn't get to see Sen.Sanders on MTP Sunday... here's the youtube:

Bernie did a great job as usual.

Robert Reich Sums Up Why Bernie Sanders’ Campaign is Surging

Originally aired on Democracy Now!
re-Posted as a blog: October 11, 2015 on United Steelworkers.org

Bernie has a lot of rank and file support in the unions which is not reflected by union leadership endorsements.
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