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Whether or not pedophiles were born that way isn't the problem. The problem is when they

actually molest children. I am sexually attracted to what I find to be good looking adult women. I am positive I cannot be cured of that.
But I could never, ever have sex with a woman without her consent. That would be sick, wrong, illegal, and a violation of her human rights and dignity. I would go without sex first.

Pedophiles should be expected to have the same mindset. Children are not capable of consenting to sex and having sex with a child violates all sorts of human rights and is very damaging to the child. So a good person who is a pedophile should seek treatment on his own. If he/she can not or will not be treated and they cannot be trusted to remain celibate with children then they must be kept away from children at all costs.

A pedophile's rights stop when they violate or threaten a child's human rights. That might not always be fair to the pedophile but it is necessary for the protection of our children.

Those pedophiles who have been convicted of actually sexually abusing a child should be locked up for a long time. It is the same as committing rape of an adult. Only worse.

I don't think many Americans hate Native Americans anymore. I would bet if you took a poll there

would be very few. Neglect them? Absolutely. Probably a vast majority. We took away their land and way of life., put them on the poorest land that nobody else wanted, and then just left them to subsist in poverty for the most part.

Instead of focusing on issues that really affect Native American lives like the article posted here, we have idiotic do-gooders protesting against silly things like sports team nicknames to make themselves feel good. These nickname protests just distract attention from the NA's real needs. In the recent Native American poll on the Redskins name, 90% of Native Americans said fuck you to the idiotic do-gooders and said focus instead on the issues we really need help with.

Instead of addressing the IHS crisis, Harry Reid just gave another speech last week lambasting the Redskins name. What a disgrace.
In the meantime, Republican senators from South Dakota and Wyoming proposed a law that would reform the IHS and demand sorely needed accountability.

We should be ashamed that it is Republicans who are actually trying to reform the IHS while our leadership continues to just give stupid speeches about silly sports nicknames so they can pat themselves on the back that they care.

Besides. Why is it ok to refer to people as black, white, or brown, but not red? I would bet about as many white people would be offended if they were called palefaces as Native Americans are that they are called redskins. About 10%. People have more important issues to deal with.

I do, however, vehemently object to any teams called the Savages, as that denotes not skin color, but describes supposed sub human behavior. That was the term the settlers and politicians used to describe natives as less than human so they could justify breaking treaties, stealing their lands, and killing them off.

Why is white, black, and brown ok to describe people but red is racist?

Native Americans were treated very badly by this country and many still are. Many natives live in deplorable conditions and are basically ignored by the government and media. Instead of addressing these deplorable conditions, idiotic do gooders focus on silly things like sports team nicknames to make themselves feel good. 90% of Native Americans in this poll are saying fuck the idiotic do gooders and give us the help we really need and deserve.

Of course not. I am advocating immigration and trade policies that actually take the best interests

of the American worker into account. Currently both immigration and trade policies only take the best interests of the one percent and corporations into account. If we had a government controlled by the people, government policies would be designed to be in the peoples best interest. Because we have a government controlled by the one percent and special interests, government policies are designed to further the best interests of the one percent and the special interests. That's why we see the growing gap between rich and poor and are starting to see the destruction of the middle class.

Times are great right now for the rich. They are getting ever richer. Times are not so good for the poor and middle class. The middle class is struggling to make ends meet and the ranks of the poor are growing. Millions more on food stamps etc. All that is no accident. It's policy.

We should always have immigration. It enriches the country. But it should be controlled and regulated like most countries do with the best interests of the citizenry, not the one percent, in mind. Same thing with trade policies.
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