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Member since: Sun Jul 19, 2015, 06:31 PM
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Nicole Sandler takes a dump on the clintons

she sounds like jackpine radical/hannity

Trump's Economic Team

Posted by BlueStateLib | Sun Aug 7, 2016, 06:51 PM (5 replies)

Response from Jackie Kucinich after I sent her Video of Director Comey and Rep. Cummings

>Subject: Re: Did you watch Rep Cummings and Director Comey at the hearing

I watched the entire hearing live, so am familiar with the exchange.
Multiple fact checkers have ruled her comments false, so I’m not alone in my
assertion that she wasn’t telling the truth. Because she wasn’t.
No matter who you support, they must be held accountable. Despite this highly
charged partisan atmosphere, facts – thank goodness - are still non-partisan.

Thank you for the note. I really do appreciate the feedback.
Best regards,

>Subject: Re: Did you watch Rep Cummings and Director Comey at the hearing

>How can a professional journalist watch Rep Cummings and Director Comey at
>the hearing and still state Hillary was untruthful, I just don't get it .


CNN shuts down conversation and ignores the fact that Hillary was truthful

CNN John Breman is an ass and a lazy journalist, it obvious he did not watch the full Comey hearings and only saw the Rep Gowdy sound bite the media loves playing.

How can a professional journalist watch Rep Cummings and Director Comey at the hearing and still state Hillary was untruthful, I just don't get it

Trumps speech on 07-29 spent good deal of time trashing Boeing's China Deal

For the first time ever, Boeing will open an airplane completion and delivery center in China. Final assembly of the aircraft will still happen in the United States, but then the mostly complete 737s will be delivered to China for installation of their interiors and painting in the liveries of their ultimate owners.

Says Boeing, the "China-based facility will not reduce 737 Program employment in Washington State." To the contrary, by increasing capacity for "completion" work overseas, Boeing says it will be able to increase actual production of 737s back here at home.

At current production rates (42 single-aisles built per month), it would take Boeing more than 100 months to build and deliver all 4,269 of the 737s in its backlog. That's probably why, when announcing its new Chinese venture, Boeing took pains to repeat its already-published plans to accelerate 737 production to 47 airplanes per month in 2017, and 52 planes per month in 2018. (The company has also talked about a secret plan to boost production a further 15% after that -- to 60 planes per month.)

Putin has long held a grudge against Clinton for trying to weaken his rule when he was most vulnerab

In December 2011, Vladimir Putin came closer than he’s ever been to losing his hold on power. His decision that year to run for a third term as Russia’s President had inspired a massive protest movement against him. Demonstrations calling for him to resign were attracting hundreds of thousands of people across the country. Some of his closest allies had defected to the opposition, causing a split in the Kremlin elites, and Russian state media had begun to warn of a revolution in the making.

At a crisis meeting with his advisers on Dec. 8 of that year, the Russian leader chose to lay the blame on one meddling foreign diplomat: U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

“She set the tone for certain actors inside the country; she gave the signal,” Putin said of Clinton at the time, accusing her of ordering the opposition movement into action like some kind of revolutionary sleeper cell. “They heard this signal and, with the support of the U.S. State Department, started actively doing their work.”

Smoking Gun Found in DNC Hack

Trump got a 10 point Convention bounce


Sunday, July 24 General Election: Trump vs. Clinton CNN/ORC Clinton 45, Trump 48
Sunday, July 17 General Election: Trump vs. Clinton CNN/ORC Clinton 49, Trump 42

Philadelphia is gonna be a disaster

Protesters will get most of the media coverage, delegates have promised a nomination floor
fight to defeat clinton

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