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SBS is wrong about LULAC's opposition to Kennedy's Immigration Act of 2005

LULAC's Director of Policy and Legislation Gabriela Lemus, Ph.D: The bill sponsored by Senators, McCain Kennedy and Brownback - the Secure America and Orderly Immigration Act of 2005 - though not perfect, comes closest to the need of satisfactorily addressing these concerns. It provides a realistic approach to national security. It addresses the need for realistic reform with regards to the undocumented already in the United States. It protects workers and pay-rates, while reuniting families and restoring healthy migration patterns, and ensuring a timely, transparent and secure process for future flows.

LULAC's Wilkes told me they did ultimately back ending the filibuster. But Sharry said the groups' stances caused confusion, with some Democrats thinking the pro-immigration lobby was now opposed.

Bernie Sanders claim that he helped write Obamacare

Sandersí statement contains an element of truth but ignores critical facts that would give a different impression. That meets our definition of Mostly False.

Bernie Sanders Demagoguery against Hillary Clinton on the Iraq War Resolution

Steve Leser: "There is so much revisionist history pushed regarding that vote that I bet most folks donít even know they are engaging in revisionism."

The Iraq War Resolution vote, like UN Security Council Resolution 1441 that occurred within a few weeks of each other were efforts to pressure Iraq to allow UN Weapons Inspectors back into the country. Allowing UN Weapons Inspectors into the country for a continuous inspection regime was part of a deal that Iraq struck in order for a cease fire to be put into effect at the end of the first Gulf War in 1991. This deal was enshrined in several UN Security Council Resolutions and were imposed on Iraq because Iraq had engaged in an unprovoked war of aggression against Kuwait and attempted to annex that small country.

In case anyone is unaware, engaging in an unprovoked war of aggression is a war crime.

So the Iraq War Resolution and UN Security Council 1441 were part of enforcing international law against a dictator and country that had engaged in a serious war crime.

Hillary Clinton Floor Speech A.U.M.F. Use of Force Vote
October 10, 2002

While there is no perfect approach to this thorny dilemma, and while people of good faith and high intelligence can reach diametrically opposed conclusions, I believe the best course is to go to the UN for a strong resolution that scraps the 1998 restrictions on inspections and calls for complete, unlimited inspections with cooperation expected and demanded from Iraq.

Even though the resolution before the Senate is not as strong as I would like in requiring the diplomatic route first and placing highest priority on a simple, clear requirement for unlimited inspections, I will take the President at his word that he will try hard to pass a UN resolution and will seek to avoid war, if at all possible.

If we get the resolution and Saddam does not comply, then we can attack him with far more support and legitimacy than we would have otherwise
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