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agree that that is interesting

And yes, those of us who have seen the problems up close tend not to think of it as victimless.

Of course, the prostituted women are the victims, so yes it is the victimizers - johns, pimps, dealers - whose activities should be criminalized.

I once read a description of prostitution as the easiest way to get money out of stupid men's pockets and into the hands of drug traffickers and organized crime in general.

Pretty accurate, and true whether the activities are legal or not, given the large role that drug addiction plays in the lives of the women and that human trafficking plays in prostitution generally.
Posted by MsJaneFuzzyWuzzy | Thu Aug 11, 2016, 03:26 PM (0 replies)

Is it the purpose of higher education to equip people to handle adversity?

If that is the case, where is the adversity that monied straight white men, just as an example, are subjected to so that they may be so equipped?

It strikes me that they may be the people most in need of such equipping, since they don't tend to get it anywhere else.

Is it the purpose of higher education to train people to meet their bosses' expectations?

But mostly, when did prejudice become a "different point of view"?

I've been around for a long time—since back when "prejudice" was actually what we called the animus that some members of some privileged groups harbor toward those who are disadvantaged by circumstance ... or by that prejudice.

And we just never pretended, back then, to be so blind to it, or felt such an urge to invoke the holy freedom of speech to justify it—as if it could.

It seems to me that the problem in our times is not that the victims of prejudice have grown weak-kneed and delicate.

It is that those who choose to be prejudiced—or to benefit from the prejudice of others—have grown rebellious under the yoke of civilization, and civilization itself has become weak-kneed and has retreated from its job of restraining the barbarians.
Posted by MsJaneFuzzyWuzzy | Thu Aug 11, 2016, 02:56 AM (1 replies)
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