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Maine Abu El Banat

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Member since: Thu Jul 23, 2015, 04:19 PM
Number of posts: 3,114

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The one question every republican is asking themselves tonight.

How can we blame this on Obama or The Clintons?

How much snow did you get?

Wabi is reporting Skowhegan at 40"

Is it a coincidence

That fascism is again rising, when the last generation to defeat it is passing on

Jennifer Flowers?

What a disgusting pig Trump is for inviting her to the debate. He has to know how over matched he is.

Fuck Russia

I'm more worried about our own media influencing this election

Paul LePage the man

Who kisses the ass of the man who kisses Donald Trumps ass.

Just saw Hillary commercial

With the Kids. Devistating to Trump. (I hope)

We need to help defeat

Anyone on down ticket races that have endorsed Trump. This kind of hate will do destruction at the local level. Imagine local school boards denying Muslim students a education. And towns banning Mexican immigrants

Eric Trump on CBS

What a slick con man. Apple doesnt fall far from the tree.

Has our Governor's cho cho train gone around the bend.

Or is it frustration that people are not buying his and his party's BS anymore.
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