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Maine Abu El Banat

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Member since: Thu Jul 23, 2015, 04:19 PM
Number of posts: 3,113

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Judge rules not to stop rank choice vote count in Maine.

And the results of the count will be announced at noon. The Maine second district may well be turning blue!

Anyone having trouble getting the anxiety drug Buspirone

My Pharmacy has been out for over a week. they say a manufacturing issue so I was wondering if anyone else was effected.

MSNBC has the second district

Congressional race one of the countries closest.
Keep up the good work Jared!

When is someone going to ask the question

Are these frequent errors in speech a sign of cognitive decline. Make then choose between being putins puppet and mental impairment.

Does anyone have a suggesting

Of a good med pot Doctor in central maine. I would want someone who knows spinal stenosis and arthritis.

Ryan not running for re-election

MSNBC reporting now!

Are we witnessing the awakening

Of the new "greatest" generation. Listening to these kids is very therapeutic, sort of nourishment for the soul. Everything will be alright, we are leaving this world in good hands.

These kids these days!

Are fucking awesome. Keep calling BS kids, maybe you can get them to listen.
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