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Member since: Wed Aug 19, 2015, 04:47 AM
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They're paranoid nuts who think "Her" was a documentary.

Sorry, that's the best I can do.

Actually, they're simply the product of radical right wing rhetoric, including that which is spewed by their party's nominee for POTUS. The crazy things believed by large percentages of the US population is both laughable and depressing. Such as how more Louisiana Republicans blame Obama than blame the Bush Administration for the government's poor response to Hurricane Katrina. Or the number of folks who deny evolution, anthropogenic global warming, etc. And Young Earth Creationists, including people who have served on the US House Committee on Science, Space and Technology. Or the anti-vaccination peeps. Or the number of people who think Obama is a Kenya-born Muslim. Or the people who think the likes of Alex Jones are speaking the truth.

And I've witnessed it on this site, too. When Sanders won the Indiana primary, there was a thread about how there was no mention in the media that Sanders had won. Post after post agreed with the OP in spite of me pointing out that there was a headline about the Sanders victory on every major news source imaginable. People believe what they want to believe.

Landslide doesn't mean what it used to mean.

Given how polarized the US is today, we aren't going to see a candidate win 500 electoral college votes. But I would call 2008 (when Obama got 365 electoral college votes) a landslide. I just want to throw that out there, as I see posts cautioning people against thinking Clinton will win in a landslide.

By today's standard (or my perspective of today's standard), I suspect Clinton - as unpopular as she is - will win in a landslide, which I'll define as 350 or more electoral college votes.

Landslide means different things to different people, and different things at different times.
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