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Steve King quote ripe for Democratic campaign ads

King states that neo-Nazis in Austria would be Republicans in the US.

“If they were in America pushing the platform that they push, they would be Republicans,” King said.

I suggest the DNC run generic ads featuring that quote and Trump's violence-inciting rhetoric.

Don't Attack the Media

I see where people suggest others not attack the media, because the media is already under assault from Trump and Republicans.

This highlights a huge problem, and represents an ongoing victory for Republicans.

The GOP's modus operandi is to project, or to say the opposite of what's true. And that's precisely what they've done with regard to the mainstream media, which has turned into corporate infotainment (80+ companies ran the bulk of the media 35 years ago, and today just a handful of giant corporations own and operate the for-profit infotainment industry).

The GOP tactic has been highly effective. "Liberal media" is a household term. It's part of the public consciousness. This has, by design, put Democrats on the defensive for the last 4 decades. It's much better to be playing offense.

The fact of the matter is the mainstream media *is* worthy of criticism. A lot of criticism. The false equivalencies. The fluff. The stance that it's not their job to fact-check. Allowing the likes of Conway to Gish Gallop to her heart's content. Treating every statement as though it's an equally valid opinion, which denies the reality that many statements are false (if intentional, they should be labeled as 'lies'). And, again, the consolidation into just a few entities.

Democrats must find a way to change the narrative about the infotainment industry. It'll be an uphill battle. Flipping the public consciousness will be hard work and will take many years (the effort must begin immediately). It's not enough to say Republicans are wrong about the media--that's the defensive position. They are wrong of course, but Democrats have to explain in fairly simple terms why they are wrong and why the industry needs to be reformed. I don't necessarily know the best way to go about this, but that's why think tanks exist.

Gerrymandering and Senate/Presidential Elections

I frequently see it suggested that gerrymandering has no bearing on statewide or national elections. While that may seem logical, it isn't true.

Simply put, gerrymandering impacts who is in power, and those in power impact statewide and national elections.

Also, if gerrymandering leads to people feeling like their voice doesn't matter, that could impact turnout for all races.

New study on Obama voters who voted for Trump

I've previously posted this article, and the following article only confirms what most of us have known all along, which has been confirmed by study after study. But some still need the education, so here you go: "It has to do with race."

There is tremendous evidence that Trump voters were motivated by racial resentment (as well as hostile sexism), and very little evidence that economic stress had anything to do with it.

This isn’t just a matter of historical interest or ideological ax-grinding. Understanding the precise way in which racism affected the 2016 election should shape how we think about the electorate in the run-up to the 2018 midterms. More broadly, it helps us understand the subtleties of America’s primordial divide over race — and why racism will continue to fracture the country politically for the foreseeable future.

For another, voting for Obama once or even twice doesn’t automatically mean that someone is not prejudiced against black people or immigrants. It’s possible to support Obama in particular while maintaining overall anti-black or anti-immigrant attitudes.

...there’s no use burying our heads in the sand by pretending this is about class when it isn’t.

Much more at the link.
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