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Member since: Sun Aug 23, 2015, 02:58 PM
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If Hillary is incapable of grasping Sanders' healthcare plan like Politifact did so easily,


after all of her experience in that area since Hillarycare ...

Then she should withdraw because she clearly isn't up to doing the job she's running for.

Hillary has been lying for a long, long time

Nothing new here.


Top first words that come to mind when thinking of Hillary (Quinnipiac)


there's some good words too but a lot of prominent bad words questioning her honesty.

If being a liar could get one elected, this thing would have been over a long time ago. I don't think anyone would dare run against her!

I remember quite early in 2008 CNN did analysis

that kind of pissed me off.

They were wondering why Obama wasn't getting the black vote in some of the very early caucuses.

Sometimes it bothers me when they slice and dice racially because carries on racism to a degree. (don't care to debate that right now - as what I'm about to say may be hypocritical).

The point being that CNN observed there was a delayed shift to Obama among blacks during the primary.

Having said that, I agree with you that the Clintons have enjoyed strong support over the years from blacks and there's no way Bernie will get the support from them that Obama enjoyed.

But Bernie is appealing to independents and Republicans and other groups.

As much as Obama wound up with overwhelming support from blacks, I also feel to this day that about 10-20% of white Americans would never consider him because of their racism. And Bernie does't have to concern himself with that. Of course, he may face antisemitism to a lesser degree.

It still saddens me some to have this type of discussion. I wish we were past this.

Some interesting quotes from that article

“I’m getting a little PTSD on the whole Iowa thing,” said one 2008 veteran. “It’s a little troublesome to watch. The whole lack of enthusiasm, someone gaining momentum on her -- that’s the troubling thing.”

“If I were them, I’d be sweating a little bit,” said Mo Elleithee, who served as Clinton’s traveling press secretary from 2008

“Momentum matters, narrative matters,” warned Elleithee. “The results in Iowa can impact the trajectory of the race. She was leading in South Carolina by double-digits until the day Obama won Iowa. And the next day the bottom fell out.

Deja vu

That's what it's been feeling like the last few days

You were suggesting that I could not recognize that Sanders and Obama were not the same


There are lots of differences between them. Color is just one.

However, we are seeing some things that are similar in 2016 to 2008.

Obama's campaign was in roughly the same spot as Sanders is now. The 2008 Iowa win catapulted Obama into being a serious contender - the graphs show it. A 2016 win in Iowa and NH would do something similar for Bernie - in terms of making the primary competitive - which to date in the polls, it really hasn't been until maybe recently.

Would it be as much as what we saw with Obama? I really don't know. Maybe. Maybe not. With all the money Bernie has, it will just turn this primary into a competitive contest. I suspect Clinton will still have the advantage and be in a better position than she was in 2008.

A key difference is that to me, Obama pretty much snatched the nomination on Super Tuesday. To some extent, he took the Clinton campaign by surprise. I think that's going to be tougher to do this time around. Of course, if Hillary keeps marching Chelsea out to lie for her, that could change in a hurry.

I don't think this is an accident.

I feel like they're playing possum.

Big GOP complaint of the past primaries were the hits Romney and McCain took.

They whine they don't have an anointed one in public but behind closed doors, I strongly suspect they do. They're sitting on a lot of money right now. Like poker players, they just haven't put it on the table yet while the media chows down on Trump, Cruz, etc.

Ok, here you go

Different graph. Similar story. Bernie's pretty close to where Obama was.

I can't recall lying helping any Clinton after they've been caught

And they've been caught lying enough times that we've got a fair amount of case history to base that on.

I watched that video and had flashbacks to Jed Lewison (JEDREport) videos in 2008

New video, new subject to some extent but vintage Hillary.

Get used to it if she wins the primary.

The problem with videos like this is because there's considerable truth to them, they change minds and they stick.
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