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Sanders Could Still Win Calfornia! Several Million Votes Still Uncounted in the Democratic Primary!

With Five Million Votes Still Uncounted and Unreported in the Democratic Primary, Sanders Could Still Win California!
By Dave Lindorff
June 13, 2016

FLASH! The Los Angeles Times, actually a Hillary Clinton backer, reports that not 3.6 million votes, as reported on election night, but 8 million votes were actually cast in the California Democratic primary — a turnout of 47%. According to the Times article, the Secretary of State of California, Alex Padilla, concedes that 2.5 million of those votes, mostly mail-in ballots from young people and Hispanic voters, or Bernie’s strong point, have been counted, and another 2 million have yet to be counted by local county officials.

But Padilla has also not reported on what the results were of those other 2.5 million votes that have been counted thus far since election day. (This even though his office did report the count of early mail-in votes on election day before people had even finished voting.)

All the votes are legitimate and need to be counted — by hand. As long as a ballot was received by the end of the day Friday, June 10, and were postmarked by election day, they are valid.

The Times said that people should prepare to see the vote totals of not just the presidential race, but also down-ticket races, change dramatically.

The problem is that the Secretary of State has 30 days to certify the votes and declare winners. That would be July 8! So far, most reporting on the uncounted votes has been limited to the alternative media. The NY Times and the big TV and radio news organizations haven’t said a word about it. The Washington Post did mention the uncounted votes, buy scoffed at the notion that they could change the results, making the bogus argument that Clinton had won among early mail-in voters by 58-44% — but of course she was way ahead in the polls than before Sanders really began campaigning in California, and the uncounted votes are also last-minute voters when Sanders was tied or ahead in the polls.

Read the full article at:

Wednesday's big question: How many uncounted California ballots?
by John Myers
June 10, 2016

3:30 A.M.
Tuesday may be in the record books, but the new day in California arrives without a full tally of votes cast in the state's presidential primary.

And that wasn't unexpected.

With California's evolution to a state where most voters cast their ballots by mail, political watchers have concluded that election day has turned into election week .

The independent Target Book, a publication that handicaps congressional and legislative races, called it "probable" that as many as 3 million ballots could remain uncounted by time Tuesday night ended. And traditionally, said the analysts, those ballots tend to have come from Democrats, young and Latino voters.

As of early Wednesday morning, about 5 million ballots had already been counted, but there was no official word on how many remained. State election law gives counties 30 days to finish their canvassing of votes cast. Secretary of State Alex Padilla must receive certified results from each of California's 58 counties by July 8.

5:31 PM
As the week ends, 2.4 million uncounted ballots from California's primary

For the politically curious, it's the best guessing game around: What's in the uncounted ballots from election day, and how many of them will change closely watched races across the state?

On Friday afternoon, Secretary of State Alex Padilla reported that there were 2,423,607 uncounted ballots statewide. About two-thirds of those are vote-by-mail ballots, with three Southern California counties leading the way: Los Angeles, San Diego and Orange.

Reports from a number of the state's 58 counties haven't changed for a few days, so expect the figures to shift pretty noticeably by early next week.

And one other part of the process: This is the first year in which ballots that arrive up to three days late -- Friday would be the deadline -- can be counted. So the number of ballots on hand could also change.


NBC Presidential Polls June 14: Trump Leads Clinton In One Poll Trump 39% Clinton 38%

NBC News|SurveyMonkey Weekly Election Tracking Poll Embargoed for release
Tuesday, June 14, 2016 at 6:00AM

If the 2016 presidential election were being held today among the following candidates for whom would you vote?

Hillary Clinton 38% Donald Trump 39% Another Candidate 20% No Answer 2%

If the 2016 presidential election were being held today among the following candidates, for whom would you vote?

Hillary Clinton 49% Donald Trump 42% No answer 9% Clinton +7%

Bernie Sanders 52% Donald Trump 39% No answer 9% Sanders +13%

If the 2016 presidential election were being held today among the following candidates for whom would you vote?

Clinton 42% Trump 38% Johnson (Libertarian) 9% Stein (Green Party) 5%


So how many Clinton supporters who opposed Bernie Sanders election campaign are still here?

General Election Polls June 12 and June 10: Clinton Leads Trump 39% to 36%

Monday, June 12

General Election: Trump vs. Clinton vs. Johnson vs. Stein Guardian/SurveyUSA Clinton 39, Trump 36, Johnson 6, Stein 4

Friday, June 10

General Election: Trump vs. Clinton FOX News Clinton 42, Trump 39 Clinton +3

General Election: Trump vs. Clinton vs. Johnson FOX News Clinton 39, Trump 36, Johnson 12 Clinton +3

Bernie shouldn't concede because Clinton has not won enough pledged delegates to clinch nomination

We won't know who the Democratic Party delegates will select to be their presidential candidate until they vote at the convention.

712 super delegates are unpledged and can vote for any candidate at the convention no matter whom they might have indicated a preference for prior to the convention.

The Pledged Delegate Total
June 13, 2016

2,383 Needed To Win Nomination

Hillary Clinton 2,203

Bernie Sanders 1,828

Does anyone know what the latest California vote count is and where it can be found?

Thank you.

Sign this urgent petition to Senator Sanders: "Continue the campaign to the convention"

Let It Bern. Continue to the Convention.
An urgent petition to Senator Bernie Sanders:

Go to this link to sign the petition:


Test of the Petition:

While you are under huge pressure to abandon your presidential campaign, we urge you to complete the process of fully representing the millions of people who've worked, donated and voted for you. We hope that you will resist the latest calls from the Democratic Party establishment and corporate media to end our campaign before the national convention.

This petition offers the names and personal statements of people from around the United States who echo a broad public outcry for this nomination process to reach its full conclusion.

Your campaign has clearly stood for democratizing the United States, while insisting that democratic principles must apply to the Democratic Party. We believe that every vote should count -- including on the convention floor. That should mean a roll call vote on the nominee for president as part of an official process, including the nominating and seconding speeches.

It remains significant that neither candidate will win the 2,383 pledged delegates necessary to secure the nomination, and -- contrary to the misleading media reports -- neither candidate can do so until the superdelegates vote at the convention in Philadelphia.

You have said, and we have cheered as you've said it, that you will carry this campaign to the convention. We urge you to maintain that position, despite the massive top-down pressures from the corporate media and Democratic Party establishment to prematurely end the campaign.

We reject the idea that democracy weakens a political party named for democracy. We have worked for constructive debate at the Democratic National Convention, and we look forward to hearing it.

Despite Historic Achievement, Feminists Grapple with Clinton's Deeply Troubling Record

Despite Historic Achievement, Feminists Grapple with Clinton's Deeply Troubling Record
"As a feminist, I should feel a thrill right now. I grieve that I don't," lamented author and activist Naomi Klein.
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
June 8, 2016

The moment was heralded widely—by older women who never thought they'd live to see this day, by feminist organizations, politicians, the press, and beyond, while social media lit up with celebrations of female triumph.

However, for many progressive critics—particularly women—the symbolic victory was dulled by the reality of a female candidate whose brand of feminism encompasses problematic policies and undeniable privilege.

Author, activist, and renowned progressive Naomi Klein's view, which she shared on social media, captured the sentiments of many on the left. Responding to Clinton's tweet, which said, "Tonight, we can say with pride that, in America, there is no barrier too great and no ceiling too high to break," Klein wrote:
Bull. Not under the plutocracy u represent. As a feminist, I should feel a thrill right now. I grieve that I don't.

While some pointed to Clinton's hawkish foreign policy and lackluster environmental record, others, like Klein, noted that the win was only possible because of her elite status, particularly taking issue with her promise of "trickle-down feminism," as some put it.

Changa, an African American attorney, mother, and volunteer with Women for Bernie Sanders, recently explained to the Guardian, "Some women I encounter act as if I’ve betrayed some kind of secret society. I reject this brand of feminism. I’m not only voting for my gender, I’m voting for other issues."

"There are a lot of issues that affect low-income women, immigrant women and women of color that her brand of doing things is not going to address," she added.


Voters Will Be Left Hanging by State Department's Clinton Email Slow-Walk

Voters Will Be Left Hanging by State Department's Clinton Email Slow-Walk
By Sam Sacks, The District Sentinel | Report
08 June 2016

The State Department is poised to wait until after the general election to publish informative emails sent and received through a private server by Hillary Clinton during her tenure as top US diplomat.

Correspondence revealing just how involved Secretary Clinton was in pushing the contentious Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) won't be released until late November, the International Business Times reported on Monday.

Officials at State initially told reporter David Sirota that his Freedom of Information Act request for Secretary Clinton's messages on TPP would be fulfilled by April of 2016. The department told the IB Times last week, however, that it won't be able to comply with the request until Nov. 31 -- a calendar date which doesn't even exist, as there are only 30 days in the month.

Clinton claimed on the trail last year that she is opposed TPP in its current form. But as Secretary of State in 2012 she stated that the agreement "sets the gold standard in trade agreements."

State Department FOIA intransigence has also foiled Vice News reporter Jason Koebler, who filed a documents request in March 2015 for internal department emails related to the security of Secretary Clinton's private email server. The department notified Koebler last month that it won't be able release the messages until December 2016 -- a month after the election.

Another batch of emails from Secretary Clinton's staff won't be released until after 2090. In a court filing last week, the department claimed that it would take "75 years in total" to respond to a Republican National Committee request for all the email records belonging to Clinton's top staff at State.

General Election NATIONAL POLL JUNE 9: Clinton 42% Trump 38% Clinton +4

Thursday, June 9

General Election: Trump vs. Clinton Rasmussen Reports Clinton 42, Trump 38 Clinton +4
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