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Current location: Merica!
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Bernie dominates so-called "white" states: Hawaii is 75% non-White! Washington is 25% non-white!

Bernie won over 70% of the vote. And he won ALL ethnic groups.

Should Bernie End His Campaign? Hillary Is Getting Hundreds Of Votes In Alaska & Washington!

After all, Bernie has little chance of winning all of the remaining elected (pledged) delegates.

A VIDEO: The High Cost Of Needless Wars On Soldiers: Representative Tulsi Gabbard

I could not in good conscience stay back here in beautiful Hawaii and watch my brothers and sisters in uniform go off into combat. These are people and friends who we never forget." - Rep. Tulsi Gabbard

Bernie Sanders Video: 30 Years of Speeches (brief excerpts) He Doesn't Flip Flop Like Hillary

Bernie Sanders Views On Creating Radical Change Are Quite Realistic

The Sanders Campaign’s Views On Creating Radical Change Are Quite Realistic
by Kevin Gosztola
Kevin Gosztola is managing editor of Shadowproof Press. He also produces and co-hosts the weekly podcast, Unauthorized Disclosure. Follow him on Twitter: @kgosztola

Martin Luther King Jr. wrote in an essay for The Nation, “Demonstrations, experience has shown, are part of the process of stimulating legislation and law enforcement. The federal government reacts to events more quickly when a situation of conflict cries out for its intervention. Beyond this, demonstrations have a creative effect on the social and psychological climate that is not matched by the legislative process.”

“Demonstrations educate the onlooker as well as the participant, and education requires repetition. That is one reason why they have not outlived their usefulness,” King observed.

This is what Sanders means when he talks about relying on a grassroots mobilization, a “political revolution,” to achieve social justice victories: shift the climate in politics and use the energy of mobilized masses to move a consensus on policy toward an outcome that is more just and equitable than what it would be if there was compromise without vibrant actions.

The Sanders campaign appeals to a collective desire among Americans to live in a nation that does right by its people. It invites Americans to imagine a country where policies are enacted that reflect the notion that we are all in this together. It raises expectations, giving poor, working class, and middle class Americans hope for a society structured like other industrialized democracies of the world, where universal single-payer healthcare, paid family medical leave, free tuition at public colleges and universities, and other social welfare programs are available to all citizens.

The people’s historian, Howard Zinn, asserted, “Historically, government, whether in the hands of Republicans or Democrats, conservatives or liberals, has failed its responsibilities, until forced to by direct action: sit-ins and Freedom Rides for the rights of black people, strikes and boycotts for the rights of workers, mutinies and desertions of soldiers in order to stop a war.”

This is the kind of change Sanders speaks about at the end of every single one of his stump speeches. He receives roaring applause, as he recalls the trade unionist movement, the civil rights movement, the women’s right movement, and the movement for LGBT rights.

See the article at: http://www.commondreams.org/views/2016/03/25/sanders-campaigns-views-creating-radical-change-are-quite-realistic

West Coast dockworkers union endorses Bernie! "He's the best candidate for working families"

Because He's 'The Best Candidate for Working Families,' Sanders Nabs Another Union Endorsement
West Coast dockworkers union cites Sanders' support Medicare for all, fair wages
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
March 25, 2016

Citing his support for workers and willingness to take on Wall Street, the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) on Thursday endorsed Bernie Sanders for president.

With the endorsement from ILWU, which represents 50,000 workers in California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, and Hawaii, Sanders has now nabbed the support of five national unions.

"Bernie Sanders is the best candidate for America's working families," said ILWU International President Robert McEllrath.

"Bernie is best on the issues that matter most to American workers: better trade agreements, support for unions, fair wages, tuition for students and public colleges, Medicare for all, fighting a corrupt campaign finance system, and confronting the power of Wall Street that's making life harder for most Americans," his statement continues.

Underscoring backing of rank-and-file union members, ILWU spokesman Craig Merrilees told the Huffington Post, "The support was significant at the grassroots level," adding, "Many local bodies throughout the union had already recommended endorsements."



SAN FRANCISCO, CA – The ILWU’s International Executive Board voted today to endorse U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders for President.

“Bernie Sanders is the best candidate for America’s working families,” said ILWU International President Robert McEllrath. “Bernie is best on the issues that matter most to American workers: better trade agreements, support for unions, fair wages, tuition for students and public colleges, Medicare for all, fighting a corrupt campaign finance system, and confronting the power of Wall Street that’s making life harder for most Americans.”

Many longshore union members have expressed enthusiastic support for Sanders at the local level.

The ILWU represents approximately 50,000 women and men who work in California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska and Hawaii – in addition to ILWU Divisions representing workers in Canada and Panama.

CONTACT: Craig Merrilees 510-774-5325

ILWU Local 8 supporting Bernie Sanders at a rally on March 25, 2016, the day after the ILWU International Executive Board voted to endorse Sanders for the nomination for U.S. President. Photo provided by Patrick McClain, ILWU Local 8 longshore worker.


Bernie Sanders on Thursday welcomed the endorsement of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union, which represents approximately 50,000 women and men who work in California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska and Hawaii.

“It is an honor to receive an endorsement from the ILWU,” Sanders said. “This campaign is building a movement of millions of Americans who are demanding that our economy works for everyone, not just the top 1 percent. The working men and women of the ILWU are a vital part of our movement which is spreading to every corner of our country.”

AFL-CIO Vice President: "The Remarkable Bernie Sanders Will Overcome the Crowning of Clinton"

The Remarkable Bernie Sanders Journey That Will Overcome the Crowning of Clinton
by RoseAnn DeMoro
March 25, 2016

RoseAnn DeMoro is executive director of the 185,000-member National Nurses United, the nation’s largest union and professional association of nurses, and a national vice president of the AFL-CIO. Follow Rose Ann DeMoro on Twitter: www.twitter.com/NationalNurses

It’s not over. Far from it. The economic and political establishment, which includes the Democratic National Committee (DNC), its Wall Street and corporate backers, and the major media, most of it now owned by a half dozen big corporations, have worked feverishly to turn the Democratic primary process into a coronation for Hillary Clinton.

Forward to victory

Sanders himself says the path to his nomination is challenging, but still within range. States that were the biggest hurdle, in the South where the Clinton’s have a long history and Sanders was a complete unknown, are all past.

The remaining states, including the two largest, California and New York, which have a base more favorable to Sanders, can be won with lots of delegates to be awarded. National polls have already shown substantial movement toward Sanders the past two months, and his edge over Clinton in head to head matchups with the remaining Republicans continues to grow.

The challenge, of course, is not just to Clinton, but to the movement, including nurses and the activist army that has shattered all records in campaign contributions to Sanders and creates the overflow crowds at his rallies.

Enthusiasm for the Sanders campaign, the transformative program that he presents, which is really the program NNU (National Nurses United) and grassroots activists have long championed, is off the charts, and continuing to grow.

It’s on to California, and what promises to be an explosive convention in Philadelphia.

See the full article at: http://www.commondreams.org/views/2016/03/25/remarkable-bernie-sanders-journey-will-overcome-crowning-clinton

'Enthusiasm for the Sanders campaign, the transformative program that he presents, which is really the program NNU and grassroots activists have long championed, is off the charts, and continuing to grow.' (Cartoon: Mike Konopacki/NNU)

Elizabeth Warren On Bernie Sanders: "He fights from the heart. I'm still cheering Bernie on"

"I’m still cheering Bernie on,’ Elizabeth Warren says
By Steve LeBlanc
Associated Press March 24, 2016

QUINCY, Mass. (AP) — U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren waded deeper into the presidential primary debate Thursday, sharpening her criticism of Donald Trump and cheering on Bernie Sanders.

On Thursday, when asked if Bernie Sanders should drop out of the race, Warren praised the Democratic senator from Vermont.

Sanders has echoed Warren’s criticism of Wall Street and rising student load debt more than any other candidate.

‘‘He’s out there. He fights from the heart. This is who Bernie is,’’ Warren said. ‘‘He has put the right issues on the table both for the Democratic Party and for the country in general so I’m still cheering Bernie on.’’

Warren declined to say which candidate she voted for in the Massachusetts primary. She said she plans to make an endorsement, but not yet.

See the full article at:

Why many super delegates pledged to Hillary may abandon her in droves before the convention.

If Hillary can't get the number of elected (pledged) delegates needed to win the nomination and the polls continue to show Sanders is doing much better against the Republican presidential candidate, the super delegates will abandon her in droves.

Especially those in states that Sanders won in primaries.

Democratic office holders don't want to go down with her in defeat in the General Election. They will get off that sinking ship and get
on the Bernie lifeboat.

It would become an "open" convention.

Hillary Clinton would almost certainly govern to the right of President Obama

Bernie Sanders could be the next Ronald Reagan

Believe it or not, the democratic socialist from Vermont could be a game-changer for American politics
By Conor Lynch

While President Obama is certainly historic in being the first African American president, he has not ushered in any kind of paradigm shift, as Roosevelt and Reagan did before him. Sadly, we are still living in a broadly neoliberal, pro-capital country and world, and Obama has governed only slightly to the left of Bill Clinton. And, while Hillary Clinton has attempted to promote herself as a pragmatic populist, one would have to be awfully uninformed to expect any kind of political transformation with her at the helm. Clinton is more of a poll-driven political realist than Obama, without much of a discernible ideology, and would almost certainly govern to the right of our current president.

So it is that Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt) is the only current presidential candidate who could potentially bring Reagan-style transformation if elected. Like Reagan, Sanders has a central vision, with policy ideas that wouldn’t stand a chance of passing in our current Congress. His goal is to bring forth a “political revolution,” just as Reagan did. When Reagan ran for president, he captured the vote of many former Democrats — namely, Reagan Democrats. Today, Sanders wants to recapture their vote. And, like Reagan, the idea of Sanders becoming president was “inconceivable” to the establishment not too long ago. For many, it still is.

The similarities don’t stop there. Reagan was one of the most personally liked presidents in recent history, and Sanders has the best favorability and trustworthy ratings of all the current presidential candidates, Democrat or Republican. He has a stubborn passion that Reagan once brought to the White House, though on the opposite side of the political spectrum. Of course, the fact that Sanders would overtake Reagan as the oldest president-elect in history is purely coincidental.

One could argue that, if Sanders was elected president, he would inevitably disappoint, just like Obama. But he is a fundamentally different kind of politician. He is personally more like Reagan than Obama. And the differences don’t end with personality; perhaps one of the biggest difference between Obama 2008 and Sanders 2016 is that Obama’s largest contributor was Goldman Sachs, while the average donation to the Sanders campaign is about $27. Sanders believes in moral leadership, which starts with refusing to play by the current set of rules, where special interests hold politicians hostage. If that is not a sign of a transformative leadership, I don’t know what is.

See the full article at:


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