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Just in case you're worried...



I supported Bernie. He had so many wonderful ideas for our country. Education, economy and many, many other things.

But he lost the race.

I pray his supporters don't try to convince him to try a third party run. It would only lead to a neofascist regime running the government and a future so dire that I can only imagine. We must buck up and vote for Hillary as the alternative is so far away from anything a Bern supporter hoped for that nothing else should matter.

I'm a heretic to some, I'm sure. But, I'll cast my vote for Hillary, throw a sign in my yard and a sticker on my car in hope that we keep the megalomaniac billionaire away from our government.

When Republicans say they want to take America back again...

This is where they want to take it back to. 1959 when life was still in black and white. Before the 60's came along and ruined everything with... color. (insert pic of MLK here.)

From tonight's Bill Maher. Well said.

Hypocrisy Runs Amok As The Gay Escort Business Pulls In A Fortune At GOP Convention

The 2016 Republican platform has been called “the most anti-LGBT platform in history” by the Log Cabin Republicans, the best known gay conservative group in the country.

The platform condemns “redefining sex discrimination to include sexual orientation or other categories,” referencing trans Americans. The platform also suggests supporting gay conversion therapy in a section drafted by Tony Perkins, an RNC delegate and president of the Family Research Council, a group which the Southern Poverty Law Center has labeled “extremist” and describes “its real specialty” as “defaming gays and lesbians.”

“We support the right of parents to determine the proper medical treatment and therapy for their minor children,” reads the section, which Time reported was initially more extreme and explicit in its original draft.

At the RNC convention in Cleveland however, the Republicans seem to have set out to prove that people like to do the things they aren’t supposed to be doing.

According to an article in New York Post, business for gay prostitutes couldn’t be better. “Business has been way better. I’ve seen 10 clients so far,” said one hustler. One gigolo who charges $250 an hour said that since Monday, when the convention kicked off, he’s been making about $800 per day. Another said he’s made $1600 in the first two days.

The clientele, along with being evidently first-timers, are described as being mostly married white guys in their 40s. “One of them was from Texas and visiting for the convention. He said he was a politician.”

Oddly, according to the article, female prostitutes aren’t doing nearly as well – with one telling the Post that business is actually slower than usual.

more at http://samuel-warde.com/2016/07/hypocrisy-amok-at-anti-gay-gop-convention/

Also read that porn sites noticed a huge uptick in traffic from Cleveland during the convention.

Great Maher quote on Trump's speech:

"If it been any darker it would have been shot by the police."

In honor of Trump's reality show experience how about special debate rules?

Every time there's an answer that is an obvious lie or the answer includes a grade school level insult, a large muscled guy will walk up and slap the offender across the face with something that would do no damage other than deposit garish paint over them?

High viewership would be guaranteed and Trump supporters would most likely say the debate hosts were paid of by the Clintons.

Well, if Trump is going to "restore Law and Order to this country...)

I hope he can get Sam Waterston back to play Jack McCoy.

Sorry, went to the bathroom and it was out of TP. Has Trump blamed Clinton for killing Joffrey Lanni

Oops, Lannister yet?

Lying Liars Who Lie: 2016 Edition (From Mormon Press?????) Holy shit!

Not a site I would normally peruse but was piqued by a post on my FB page. I was surprised to say the least.

The idea behind it is simple enough. Take the politicians who have been active enough on the national stage to get fact-checked by PolitiFact at least 50 times since the start of 2007. Look at all of their ratings and tally them. Place the tally in the chart. Not scientific by any means, but interesting. (Update 7/21/2016: Trump's "truthiness" rating, to use Nolan's criterion in his comment of "true" + "mostly true," currently sits at 11%, which is a small gain from the ~7% when the chart was made, but still well behind Michele Bachmann. Hillary's "truthiness" is at 51%, which is largely unchanged. Again, this chart is not scientific and the post is more about the response to the chart than the chart itself.)

We didn't create the graphic (the original image is here), but we shared it on our Facebook page. It promptly shattered all previous benchmarks for reach and engagement by a factor of at least 20. Almost a hundred people were so shocked by it that they hid it in their newsfeeds; twenty-seven decided they never wanted to see anything shared by MormonPress ever again; one person unliked our Facebook page.

Judging by the comments, the harsh response wasn't because the graphic claimed that Jeb(!) Bush and Joe Biden are relatively honest politicians. No, our commenters were infuriated that Hillary Clinton was rated as being rather honest. Many of the comments on the photo can be summarized as "Hillary's a lying liar who lies." One commenter suggested that Mormon "would not stand for [MormonPress's] lies." Well, I guess we'll have to ask him down the road.

But it's clear that there's something special going on regarding the public's perception of Hillary's honesty. Just today, the Blue Nation Review called out the New York Times for saying that Donald Trump (who lies constantly, particularly about being against the Iraq War) is "being creative with the truth" instead of "dishonest." I recommend reading the piece in full for the list of ways that attributes that are positives for male candidates ("experience" become negatives for Hillary ("old," "represents the past".

This tendency to read Hillary through a particular frame of "dishonest" isn't rooted in her record, especially not when one compares her to Donald Trump, the pretend successful. A journalist who has investigated Hillary claims that she is fundamentally honest. PolitiFact has gathered many truthful statements Hillary has made.

So what's going on?

Much more at http://www.mormonpress.com/lying_liars_who_lie_2016_editionhttp://www.mormonpress.com/lying_liars_who_lie_2016_edition

It’s the 47th anniversary of the moon landing so let’s watch Buzz Aldrin punch a moon landing denier

It’s the 47th anniversary of the moon landing so let’s watch Buzz Aldrin punch a moon landing denier in the face

Buzz Aldrin is a one tough dude.

You don’t want to mess with a guy who had the balls to strap themselves in a tin can during the dawn of the space age… and then be launched into space to pilot that tin can using less technology than a modern cellphone… and then intentionally crash-land that tin can into the ocean.

If you offered up your body as a virtual Guinea Pig so scientists could test the possibility of human space travel, you’d be pretty annoyed to see a movement pop up claiming that your unprecedented life-risking sacrifices were nothing but a hoax.

Conspiracy theorist and moon-landing denier Bart Sibrel found that out the hard way one day in 2002 when he confronted Aldrin outside of a conference in Hollywood California. After repeatedly provoking and harassing Aldrin, the veteran pilot turned and looked Sibrel straight in the face.

“I know you’d like to get a lot of attention, wouldn’t you?” Aldrin said.

“Well, you’re the one getting money for something you didn’t do,” Sibrel replied. “You’re giving a lecture for walking on the moon when you didn’t. That’s called being a thief.”/snip

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