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Member since: Sun Oct 4, 2015, 02:00 PM
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Canada for President of USA?

Texas man vandalizes own truck with anti-police messages, blames it on Black Lives Matter activists


A Texas man who received $6,000 from sympathizers after he claimed miscreants vandalized his truck with anti-police messages has been arrested after authorities say he scrawled the graffiti himself.

Scott Lattin was hauled away from his home in handcuffs Friday by police who say he lied earlier this month about how the "Black Lives Matters" messages and expletives were spray painted on his white pickup truck.

The disabled veteran had blamed vandals, telling Fox 4 News his truck was targeted because his family visibly backed law enforcement officers.

He had "Police Lives Matter" written on the rear window of his car and blue ribbons tied around his property to show his support.

Rest of the story at http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/man-vandalizes-truck-blames-black-lives-matter-article-1.2366871

Remind you of anything? Surprised he didn't try to carve BLM into his cheek backwards because he used a mirror.

Melania Trump Defends Her Plagiarized Convention Speech in a Well Done Spoof

As Donald Trump's campaign continues to mount endless excuses for Melania Trump's convention speech, which seems to have been plagiarized from Michelle Obama's address at the Democratic National Convention in 2008, it's becoming quite clear the potential first lady is highly unlikely to issue an apology for the stolen remarks.

But thankfully, the brilliant Laura Benanti has stepped in to fill Trump's shoes to deliver the nonapology the American public deserves to hear. Catch her defense above—which hilariously embeds lines from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, the Beastie Boys, and many more.


Paul Ryan ‘Selfie’ With Young Republicans Backfires When Internet Notices One VERY Telling Detail

GOP House Speaker Paul Ryan loves to pretend that the GOP doesn’t have a race problem. The 2012 autopsy report from the spectacular loss of the Romney/Ryan ticket to President Obama and Vice President Biden had a lot of so-called “minority outreach” goals. Clearly, none of those goals have been accomplished. After all, the current GOP standard-bearer, Donald Trump, has run a campaign that is steeped in racism. He kicked off his campaign by calling Mexican immigrants rapists and criminals, he has called for a ban on all Muslims entering the United States, has called women fat pigs and dogs, and accused Fox host and debate moderator Megyn Kelly of being menstrual when called out on this, and a whole host of other things that play to the bigotry that is so inherent in the current incarnation of the GOP.

All of that aside though, there is one very telling photo making the rounds on the internet that perfectly illustrates just how, well WHITE the Republican Party is, despite the wide range of diversity that makes up the actual country. It’s a priceless selfie of Paul Ryan showcasing himself with bunches of young republicans, and you won’t see one face of color in that grand sea of white. For your viewing pleasure (or disgust) here is the tweet of that photo:



I was gonna say hate but thought that it might be over the top.

The last pol to run for this office that was so divisive was George Wallace. I'll say no more.


Aliens visit Clinton and deliver cures for all disease. BUT DONALD TRUMP HAD FUCKING EGGS FOR BREAKFAST!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?

Really, wtf? Did he buy CNN when I blinked? It's turned into the all Trump all the time network.

Conservative host Tomi Lahren under fire for calling Black Lives Matter 'the new KKK' as critics say

Conservative host Tomi Lahren under fire for calling Black Lives Matter 'the new KKK' as critics say her comments are 'reckless'

Just thought some here would find tihs of interest.


Meet the new KKK, they call themselves 'Black Lives Matter' but make no mistake their goals are far from equality,' she wrote Friday in a tweet that has since been deleted.

Media critic David Zurawik fired back, getting into argument with Lahren when the 23-year-old commentator argued on CNN that people with extremist statements should be allowed to defend themselves on air.

'As I've asked to do on many of the platforms that have said I went to far,' Lahren said on the network's Reliable Sources.

'You did,' Zurawik replied. 'You did go too far, Tomi. You did.'

She shot back: 'That is your opinion.'

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3683567/Conservative-host-Tomi-Lahren-fire-calling-Black-Lives-Matter-new-KKK-critics-say-comments-reckless.html#ixzz4EGkLS5qN
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Filed under police intelligence: Heavily armed drug cops raid retiree’s garden, seize okra plants

Georgia police raided a retired Atlanta man's garden last Wednesday after a helicopter crew with the Governor's Task Force for Drug Suppression spotted suspicious-looking plants on the man's property. A heavily-armed K9 unit arrived and discovered that the plants were, in fact, okra bushes.

The officers eventually apologized and left, but they took some of the suspicious okra leaves with them for analysis. Georgia state patrol told WSB-TV in Atlanta that "we've not been able to identify it as of yet. But it did have quite a number of characteristics that were similar to a cannabis plant."

Indeed! Like cannabis, okra is green and it has leaves.


The semantics of gun control...

I don't care if the gun is this or that. I don't care if the gun is fully auto or semi auto. For my purposes in regarding a firearm in a "peacetime" suburban setting, if a weapon can fire as fast as a finger can twitch with a reserve of ammunition of 30+ projectiles has no business being available to the general populace.

The semantics don't fucking matter.

So often when debates happen on the subject of guns, the pro gun people argue "you don't know what you're talking about" because of a misidentified weapon or the firepower of the weapon. Therefore they postulate that any argument or further argument that you might offer is moot.

It is amazing to me that these claims of lack of knowledge about the manufacturing designs and processes should garner any reality to defeat the idea that guns are designed to kill and they are killing friends, family and neighbors daily. Look it up.

Thanks for letting me rant.

Dallas Mayor Calls Bullsh*t On Open Carry: It Didn’t Help During Shooting, And Made Things Worse


Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings (D) stood next to Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) and dropped an extremely uncomfortable reality check: Open Carry, the movement pushed with near-fanatical obsession by Texas Republicans, not only did nothing to help stop the mass shooting of police officers in Dallas, but it actually made the situation far worse. Open Carry had an opportunity to justify its existence – and it failed on every conceivable level.

For Rawlings, examining the aftermath of the shooting made it clear that having dozens of scared civilians clinging to assault-style weapons during a mass shooting was a recipe for disaster. The “good guys with guns” didn’t suddenly become action heroes bravely stopping a heavily-armed lunatic. They acted like any of us would: When the shooting started, they scattered in every direction in terror of their lives. Only unlike others, these fleeing victims were strapped with weapons that sowed confusion. Any of them could have been a shooter attempting to blend in. At a moment when cops were being targeted by a sniper, officers had to track down these “innocent” gunmen just to make sure they weren’t one of the bad guys.

As Rawlings explained:

It’s logical to say that in a shooting situation, open carry can be detrimental to the safety of individuals.

Here’s how bad the situation became in Dallas during the shooting:

Rawlings said Dallas police Chief David Brown told him that people running through the shooting scene with rifles and body armor required officers to track them down and bring them to the police department. Whether that was time that could have been spent trying to find and stop the shooter is something police will have to comment on, Rawlings said.

In other words, the exact reason gun rights activists often give to justify “guns everywhere” bills is false. They don’t keep people safe, they put people’s lives at risk by causing chaos.

A major in the Dallas police department was equally furious about the danger Open Carriers put the rest of the population in. Maj. Max Geron pointed out that the police scanner was filled with chatter of confused officers desperately trying to figure out who was a bad guy and who was an Open Carry supporter while calls of “officer down” continued to ring out.

/Snip. More at link.
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