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Member since: Sun Oct 4, 2015, 02:00 PM
Number of posts: 1,142

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Dear Hillary,

I'm just a nobody from the Southeast where you probably won't get a lot of votes but you will get mine. I was a Bernie supporter and you won fair and square. Even now, Bernie suggests we throw in behind you which I will without grimace or second thought. I honestly believe you are a good person with the best of intentions and will serve our country well.

You have always been in my "good guy" column since you campaigned for universal health care so many years ago as First Lady. You have been maligned and disparaged by a huge Republican machine for nearly twenty years without a single accusation sticking. You served in offices thanklessly and served with distinction without hubris.

You are good people.

You are a Mother. You are a wife. You have overcome obstacles that many would have crumbled under. You have the patience and wisdom that could make you a leader of the likes we have not seen before. You have the backing of President Obama which, for me, means one heck of a lot. If you can be close to his greatness as President, America will win with you. If you can surpass... I can't imagine where we could go.

(on edit) You are running against a madman. A person who could actually end up not only destroying our country, but possibly the civilized world and throw us back into feudal times or even worse. It is paramount that you win. (end edit)

You are what we need today. Please don't give in to the naysayers or political (read big money) pressures and support us down here in the middle and lower classes. We're the ones that build your houses, cook your food, etcetera and etcetera. We need you and you need us.

I wish you well and victory in the upcoming election.


Just another voter.

She's kicking Trump's ass. That is all.

Countdown to Trump's head exploding.

Oh fuck. He

got me there. I Feel the Bern.

I am so going to miss Barack.

It was backwards in heels. LMAO!

Joe just hit it out of the park.

Barach and I married way up.

You go, Joe.

Can I hug her?

OMFG,,, I'm running out of tears.

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