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Member since: Mon Oct 5, 2015, 08:42 PM
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Making of the USNHS Comfort. Navy hospital ship. It used to be a tanker.

Making of the USNHS Comfort.

Navy hospital ship.

It used to be a tanker.


Your tales of the business shutdowns/isolations?

What are the stories of your own, neighbors, family members, friends?

i have to start my taxes so i'm home for a couple of days and then back to patty's.
this crap is getting real.
no more haircuts.
many businesses being shut down.
patty and i are on retirement so we should still get our regular checks.
younger folks are not in such a good position as we are.

Who started/brought on Coronavirus?

Who started/brought on Coronavirus?

China did – the current meme of the right – China virus, Wuhan virus.

Europe did – Trump claims about hotspots here in America.

North Korea did – Jerry Falwell

The American army did – new meme from China

WHO did? World Health Organization? Haven’t seen that one yet. Soon?

Walmart plastic bags that won't separate. (Venting)

Walmart plastic bags that won't separate. (Venting)

Cashier lines were very busy/full. Not enough cashiers.

Tried self-service register but the plastic bags won't separate for old folks with bad hands.

Finally left the cart.

If they don't want to provide helpful service, let them put it away.

Getting old and cranky?

No. Gotten!

We have seen other companies that can get bags that are user friendly.

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