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Profile Information

Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Member since: Sat Oct 17, 2015, 10:59 AM
Number of posts: 2,450

About Me

Progressive in the Midwest, a transplant from both coasts, homesick for the eastern one. Traipsing the line between calling it like I see it and knowing when to keep my thoughts to myself. *note: I slip a lot.

Journal Archives


Okay... Yes, Bernie is progressive for sure and his opposition is ... kind of progressive. Sometimes. On some things. Kinda sorta.

But that's not the issue here.

For whom do we want the government to work?

At some point, you cannot have it both ways. You just can't.

Getting to the bottom line and why I'm voting for Bernie

Last week when #notmeus was trending and Bernie's Together ad was making its rounds, I was inspired. It's not just about policy, it's also about values.

Ode to Americans

Because you believe your prosperity depends on my poverty,
Your hope depends on my hopelessness.
Because you behave as if your wellness depends on my illness,
Your joy depends on my despair.
Because your life of privilege depends on my life of inequality,
Your sense of security depends on my lack of it.
Because you were taught that your life matters more,
My life is perceived to matter less.
Because your power depends on my powerlessness,
Empathy cannot find its way in.

But I know.
I remember a well-known “secret,”
That zero-sum is a mirage.
Because I am you,
You are me.
My life is tied up in yours.

If only you could bother to seek,
To seek through eyes of love rather than eyes that fear.
With curiosity instead of contempt,
With clarity instead of confusion.
With courage instead of indifference.

Your success need not depend on my failure.
Your pleasure need not depend on my pain.
A plus for one need not depend on loss for another,
Because a loss for one is a loss for all.

You say the fittest survive - alone,
But I know better.
I know the cooperative thrive - together

Progressive vs Democrat ...

Or progressive vs. Liberal.... it's a good discussion to have but here's what matters:

Who wants to lead a government of, for and by the people, and who wants to lead a government that only works for a few/corporations?

The answer is clear. This is ultimately about democracy, in the literal sense (small d democratic government).

Stay focused Bernie supporters, don't let them distort the true message.

You cannot be both

Progressive and moderate.

In case you missed it:


Anyone from Minnesota?

I'm curious about Keith Ellison as a choice for VP, I don't know much about him beyond a quick reading at Wikipedia, I know he's been a reliable progressive though.

What say you, Minnesotans?

About what time wiil the final results get in?

Barack Obama was the right person for the job in '08 & '12 just as Bernie is the right person now

President Obama has been doing an amazing job just as President Sanders will.

No cable tv here, livestream tonight?

Anyone know where I can watch online tonight?

About incremental change

I've been thinking, it's not "pragmatic" at all.

It's an insult. People are in dire straits all over the country in every community. Some are dying or not getting enough food and/or medical support. Look at Flint for God's sake.

We no longer have the luxury to wait on small measures. We deserve more, we demand more.
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