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What an odd post. There must be more to this. What's the context? I get the feeling...

I get the feeling that we're seeing just one side of a conversation gone bad (perhaps a hidden thread or deleted post?)

Is this a cryptic and detail-free question just a way of seeking approval and agreement by overly simplifying things and removing all context? Something's not right.

It sounds to me like someone is trying to have the "last word", and to get others to agree, (strength in numbers perhaps?) to an hypothetical point that lacks the details of what's actually being argued as well as lacking any points that may have been made by some other party (parties?)

Or was some other public argument abruptly ended before you had a chance to land your "knock-out blow" or to make your final "winning" argument?

Ken... sometimes, the person who manages to get in the "last word" isn't always the winner of an argument. There aren't "bonus points" for obsessively getting-in the last word. (But, in some cases, hasty attempts to get the all-important all-powerful last-word actually end up looking pretty lame and probably deserve to be assessed a penalty and a "loss of points".)

Carrying-on lost arguments by proxy (under the guise of the theoretical) is a sign of weakness. It's not a very mature way to handle disagreements. Those who do such things aren't doing themselves, or their pet-causes, any favors.

Sometimes, Ken, it's best to just let things go and move on.


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