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As always. Same as it ever was.

Any moment now you'll hear a rousing chorus begin to swell-up with the familiar verse of "Her Vote Didn't Matter" followed by that long-time favorite "It Was Going to Pass Anyway".

What did he have to say about efforts to "kneecap" Biden? Anything?

Bernie's "top campaign staff" members were Jill Stein voters/supporters...

Bernie's "top campaign staff" members were Jill Stein voters/supporters. Both Gray and Turner are Jill Stein voters and supporters. Bernie chose them as a slap in the face to the Democrats... and they using every possible opportunity to do exactly that (Gray especially.)

None of this happened in a vacuum. It's not happening organically. This was intentional. It was an intentional selection of people who hated Democrats or who were hostile to the Democratic party. It is a cesspool. People like Gray and her ilk are cancers... they are metastasizing.

There is no getting around this. These people are part of his campaign staff (his campaign does continue, you know, in direct contrast to what he's said) as well as supporters. They are still attacking VP Biden with the Russian Trolls memes.

All I'm trying to say here is that these are not conservationists which used to define the Green party. Not anymore. Stein gave it over to Putin to attack the Democratic Party and the American voting system. I think it's important for people to admit this plain and simple truth. That's fair, right?

Well, he also claimed that he "worked as hard as he could" to help Hillary after the convention...

Donald Trump must be defeated,” Bernie Sanders insists, “and I will do everything in my power to make that happen.”
Well, he also claimed that he "worked as hard as he could" to help Hillary after the convention... but we know that's not entirely true.

But I guess it's a bit subjective. Indeed it may HAVE been "as hard as he could" ... perhaps because he wasn't capable (physically or emotionally or otherwise) of doing more. But both he and his defenders often cite his claim as if it was some sort of NEW RECORD-BREAKING STANDARD of excellence to which future campaign rivals will be judged.

However, in comparison with what Hillary did for her former rival in 2008, it's clear that Bernie's "efforts" were somewhat lackluster and perfunctory (at best... and I'm being polite and generous in using those specific adjectives.)

I recently found this side-by-side comparison that someone did. It reveals a lot when you can look at the data... and the data tells a significantly different story than the "hard as I could" claim.

All I'm trying to say is that it's important that we be entirely honest when examining someone's claims about their own performance. The American people deserve to know the truth and it's not always a good idea to accept someone's own boasting without closer examination and comparison. That's fair, isn't it?


He was fired by the campaign and then rehired by Jane Sanders

Thank you.

I'll never forgive Jane for her election-day tweet that was giving people "permission" to NOT vote for our party's nominee.

She couldn't bring herself to simply say "Vote for the Democrat"... so she tweeted some interesting election day advice to her twitter followers. Basically, it seems to me that she was expressing her belief that it was okay to not vote for the party's nominee... as long as the person voted and "followed their heart".

So... with that as a historical reference, it makes perfect sense that she'd rehire him.

We're RIDIN' with BIDEN! --- C'MON! GET IN! We're taking back America!

C'MON! GET IN! We're taking back America!

Joe/Kamala or Biden/Harris 2020!!
They're stronger together & can't be bought!!
Jump on the Biden Bandwagon & let's take back America!!

Anyone who wants to be POTUS needs...

... to be able to make faster decisions when under pressure. This disqualifies him. Seriously.

Going forward, the DNC needs better and more restrictive rules on who gets to run "as a" Democrat.

Going forward, the DNC needs better and more restrictive rules on who gets to run "as a" Democrat.

Actually, no more of this "as a" Democrat nonsense. The phrase "as a Democrat" clearly means that the comparison is being made with something that is NOT a Democrat. The candidate may be similar to a Democrat, but it's not actually Democrat, and therefore we cannot be assured that the best interests of the Democratic Party will be held in high regard by the "as a" Democrat contender.

I'm even suspicious of the "recently declared" Democrats who switch parties for one reason or another. I feel the same away about those politicians who believe it is in their current and immediate best interests to just-now make a party declaration of being a Democrat.

Therefore, I believe anyone who fancies a shot at becoming the Democratic presidential nominee must be a Democrat for at least ONE FULL election cycle--FOUR YEARS--before they can throw their hat into our ring and seek our party's nomination.

Being an "ally" isn't good enough. Having an 80% voting-with-Democrats record isn't good enough. Promising to "govern as" a Democrat isn't good enough.

That helps to explain a lot and why he has so few legislative accomplishments...

I was not surprised with sanders admitted that he does not try to get along with his fellow members of congress and that he was not good at pleasantries
That helps to explain a lot and why he has so few legislative accomplishments of his own. So in that regard, he's not a very good politician and the record itself shows that he's been lackluster in the things that he has actually been able to accomplish.

According to Hillary's recent Hulu documentary: "Nobody likes him..."


Shortly after THR's in-depth interview with Clinton was published on Tuesday, her comments about Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders — "Nobody likes him, nobody wants to work with him, he got nothing done," she says in the documentary — prompted the hashtag #nobodylikeshim to quickly became a top trend on Twitter.
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