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I tire of the proselytizing.
Then don't do it.

I understand how easy it can be for many people to view their political beliefs with the fervor of a religion... and by the same token, they can see party leaders as gods/goddesses (for lack of a better word). But that kind of "blind-faith" that what ought-to-be will magically manifest itself (ie: if everyone just believes strongly enough, or shouts loud enough, or stomps their feet hard enough, etc.) simply has no basis in reality.

The reality is that we have to accept the bad with the good. That there will always be wins, half-wins, compromise, and outright losses... and shitting on our hard-working, loyal and stalwart Democrats and Democratic leadership will not produce the desire outcome.

That's all I'm trying to say. It's just important for people to be realistic and allow these half-wins to be a source of INSPIRATION to work harder and to achieve more the next time. It truly serves no good purpose to characterize everything as a shitty loss or being "served shit" when there's a lot of good and an impressive amount of progress.

The "THIS IS SHIT" comments only demoralize everyone and make it harder to get another win (or half-win). Instead, an attitude of "THIS IS WONDERFUL! IF WE WANT MORE, THEN LET'S WORK HARDER NEXT TIME!" is the way to ensure success.

I think that's a reasonable approach, don't you? Most people can agree with that.

Be well.

Perfect description!

I'm going to have to remember that: "mouth full of hush-puppies drawl".

Probably. It won't happen in the years that I have remaining...

... but it's likely to happen before what would be the "tri-centennial". That's why it's important for certain individuals (and groups, pundits, candidate spouses) to stop trying to sabotage and diminish the Democratic party. People like Sarandon, Yang, Nader, Turner, Moore, West, Stein (and many others) are doing their level best to split the vote, act as spoilers, and to kneecap and "punish" Democrats all in an attempt to fulfill their "burn-it-down" strategy and philosophy.

It's NOT TRUE that Democrats are "ideologically bankrupt". It's NOT TRUE that Democrats are "feeble". It's NOT TRUE that Democrats are "corrupt". It's NOT TRUE that the Democratic party is an "absolute failure". It's NOT TRUE that the Democratic party is "the party of the one-percent". It's NOT TRUE that the Democratic party is the "party of Coastal Elites". It's NOT TRUE that there's "no difference between Democrats and Republicans." It's NOT TRUE that Democrats are "do-nothings". It's NOT TRUE that the Democratic party "doesn't care about climate change." It's also NOT TRUE that the Democrats who "are very big into diversity" aren't "particularly sympathetic" to the working class. It's NOT TRUE that Democrats don't care about justice.

What useful purpose does it serve to promote this fiction? It's just another example of how people are oddly willing to do and say things that create an atmosphere of fear and hopelessness and negativity. Negativity generates apathy. Apathy discourages voter turnout. Low voter turnout gives Republicans a chance to steal the elections.

Their parents gave them the "gift" of being orphaned. It's what they wanted.

Their parents didn't care. Why should I? This is how they should be remembered... as death-cult idiots who spread the virus and who perpetuated the lies, myths, hoaxes and misinformation. Willful ignorance and arrogant stupidity comes at a price. It's a shame that they occupied a bed that someone else needed to survive; put hospital staff at risk; used precious and limited medical resources.

The sooner that Covid wipes-out these idiots, the better off we'll all be. This needs to end now. Jerks like this are perpetuating the misery. I'm glad they're gone. Maybe someone else will learn a lesson and get their fucking shot and wear their fucking mask.

I celebrate the death of every anti-vax idiot (and anti-mask idiot).

The sooner Covid wins and kills them all off, the better off we'll all be. With each and every death... one mouthpiece for lies and misinformation has been SILENCED. With each and every death... another human incubation chamber is eliminated and the risk of further mutations and spreading new variations is shut down.

With each and every death... valuable hospital resources aren't WASTED on someone who didn't want to live anyway. What a shame it is that they put our healthcare workers at risk and strain the system to the breaking point. How fucking SELFISH it is that they are preventing others from receiving the live-saving care that they NEED! The longer they live, these "covid-hoax" idiots are killing MORE than just themselves.

I don't even feel sympathy for the loved ones they leave behind. Why? Because this is what they WANTED! They knew the risks, they were warned. They saw the death and devastation. And worst of all they KNEW they had loved ones who'd be left behind, but they didn't care. If these idiots didn't care a SINGLE IOTA for their family, wives, husbands, children or their friends... then why should I? It's WASTED EMOTION to care about them.

The SELFISH BASTARDS made a CHOICE to give a "gift of their own death" to their loved ones, right?

Deserves no sympathy in my opinion.
Absolutely zero sympathy from me as well. They are members of a fucking DEATH CULT!! This is what they want. They remind me of the zealot snake handlers who act surprised when the snake bites them.

They deserve nothing except contempt and ridicule.

ROBIN Test Footage Scene

An American treasure gone too soon... a tragic ending. I hope this becomes reality.

From the comments:

Even though "Test Footage" is in the title, I was so sold on your performance that it left me wanting an entire movie within the first minute.. and even more so as the scene progressed. Not comparing here, but this is absolutely one of the best impressions I've ever seen in my life. And I grew up watching Robin Williams, both in film, and in comedy

This is just….incredible to keep watching. This NEEDS to happen!

It's obvious to me who's responsible for this...

On Bloomberg I am seeing headlines that Democrats are worried about a bloodbath in 2022 because they cannot seem to get together
It's obvious to me who's responsible for this. Politicians who focus on grandstanding and showboating will find that these public displays are much less effective than picking up the phone or scheduling a meeting with leadership. The public airing of dirty laundry and grievances is not a good tactic. Unity is what the voters need to see. Even if it's just the appearance of unity (the behind the scenes "sausage-making" process can be ugly) this is what will inspire confidence from the voters. Otherwise, it's just a futile exercise that seeks to blame Democratic leadership, that reinforces the lies that the Democrats are "Coastal Elites" who are too busy "eating canapes". That kind of behavior only creates distrust and division. It fuels resentment and suspicion. It's divisive and it weakens us. That type of negativity generates apathy. Apathy discourages voter turnout. Low voter turnout gives Republicans a chance to steal the elections. We know this already. So why would anyone do anything that literally HELPS the GOP? It's a fair question.

No, it wasn't that.

What? Sanders is actually just like a Democrat? Who knew?
Considering all the "shade" that has been thrown at the Democratic party and Democratic leadership (ie: "ideologically bankrupt" ... "Coastal Elites" ... etc.) This is a nice change, so I hope it continues.

Although, maybe it was instead that Biden was sounding a lot like Sanders.
No, it wasn't that. People who pay attention to what Biden has been saying all along know better.

Just wanted to make sure we have a record of the suggestion that Sanders might be a Democrat after all or at least sounded like one.
No, he's not a Democrat and he has repeatedly made that very clear. I think what needs to be "on record" is the fact that the when any other Democrat says or tweets the same thing... it's just a ho-hum ordinary day. But when Bernie says it, the gushing is totally OTT.

I mean, seriously... come-ON! I read elsewhere online where someone was comparing him to Jesus! Please.

Ain't she a honey?

Honestly, she looks cheap and trashy.

She has that typical "Real Housewives" appearance... plumped, tucked, nipped, stretched, botoxed, bleached, plucked, lasered, snipped, buffed, painted, lifted, injected, siliconed, capped, plastic, filled, tightened, and lipo'd. Hair, eyelashes, fingernails... head-to-toe... she's a complete PHONY and FRAUD in every sense of the word.

Does ANYONE think that this is attractive? (I mean... OTHER than the folks who are saving-up for one of the "lifelike" silicone sex dolls at realdoll dot com.) NSFW. You've been warned.
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