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It certainly won't happen if we have a core group of malcontents like Chauncey DeVega (and others)...

It certainly won't happen if we have a core group of malcontents like Chauncey DeVega (and others often quoted here) who continually do their level best to denigrate and smear Democrats and our Democratic leadership with claims that they are "do-nothings" or "weak" or "too nice" or that Democrats are "not serious" or that we "don't care".

This follows right on the heels of the hit-parade of other popular smears like: Democrats are "Coastal Elites"; the "party of the one percent"; "ideologically bankrupt"; "feeble"; "corrupt"; "an absolute failure"; and of course the biggest lie of all "no difference between Democrats and Republicans".

What useful purpose does it serve? It's just another example of how people are oddly willing to do and say things that create an atmosphere of fear and hopelessness and negativity. Negativity generates apathy. Apathy discourages voter turnout. Low voter turnout gives Republicans a chance to steal the elections.

I'm sick of it, too! You're right... it's always "do something RFN" but never any guidance of what they think the Democrats should be doing, and in those rare instances where something is proffered, it's always unrealistic and demonstrates a genuine lack of understanding of how politics work in the real world.

It's always the same ones. The "but-her-emails" crowd and the "Dems-are-Coastal-Elites" crowd...

It's always the same ones. The "but-her-emails" crowd and the "Dems-are-Coastal-Elites" crowd... and when not attacking our party's stalwart leaders, they're busy attacking the Democratic party itself.

Stop me if you've heard these smears and LIES before: "Democrats are weak" ... "No difference between the parties" ... "Democrats are corrupt" ... "Democrats are ideologically bankrupt" ... "Democrats are war-mongers" ... "Democrats are the party-of-the-elite" ... "Democrats are do-nothings".

The thing is... people who repeat those lies and insults and smears don't achieve the goal of "purity" that they desire. Instead, the only thing they accomplish is to create division and suspicion. They foment distrust and resentment.

What useful purpose does it serve? It's just another example of how people are oddly willing to do and say things that create an atmosphere of fear and hopelessness and negativity. Negativity generates apathy. Apathy discourages voter turnout. Low voter turnout gives Republicans a chance to steal the elections.

That's an exaggeration.

I think it takes a strong and smart leader to realize they made a mistake, admit it and fix it.
Really? That's an exaggeration. What exactly did she "fix" and how did she "fix" it? --- Or, do I just have unreasonably high expectations from people who are characterized as being strong and smart leaders.

The first part of your statement doesn't hold water either. This could have been easily avoided, and that's not smart. Blaming others or "circumstances" isn't smart... it's not owning one's mistake. All I'm trying to say is that in my estimation, a strong and smart leader would not be making excuses and offering justifications or go to such great lengths to offer weak criticisms of a political process that wasn't actually "rushed" and one that should (by now) be well-understood.

I wonder what the Jewish population is in her district? Will this hurt her going forward? Will her district be redrawn to include more Jewish Americans. I know that New York State has a large Jewish population... it seems unlikely to me that she would make a strong challenger to Chuck Schumer, but I certainly encourage her to try. It would be interesting to watch.

🎵 Making a list... Checking it twice! 🎵


1 100.00% Jake Auchincloss D MA-4
1 100.00% Alma Adams D NC-12
1 100.00% Pete Aguilar D CA-31
1 100.00% Colin Allred D TX-32
1 100.00% Cindy Axne D IA-3
1 100.00% Sanford D. Bishop Jr. D GA-2
1 100.00% Earl Blumenauer D OR-3
1 100.00% G.K. Butterfield D NC-1
1 100.00% Karen Bass D CA-37
1 100.00% Suzanne Bonamici D OR-1
1 100.00% Joyce Beatty D OH-3
1 100.00% Julia Brownley D CA-26
1 100.00% Cheri Bustos D IL-17
1 100.00% Ami Bera D CA-7
1 100.00% Don Beyer D VA-8
1 100.00% Brendan Boyle D PA-2
1 100.00% Nanette Diaz Barragán D CA-44
1 100.00% Lisa Blunt Rochester D DE at-large
1 100.00% Anthony Brown D MD-4
1 100.00% Carolyn Bourdeaux D GA-7
1 100.00% James E. Clyburn D SC-6
1 100.00% Jim Cooper D TN-5
1 100.00% Ed Case D HI-1
1 100.00% Jim Costa D CA-16
1 100.00% Emanuel Cleaver D MO-5
1 100.00% Kathy Castor D FL-14
1 100.00% Yvette D. Clarke D NY-9
1 100.00% Steve Cohen D TN-9
1 100.00% Joe Courtney D CT-2
1 100.00% André Carson D IN-7
1 100.00% Gerald E. Connolly D VA-11
1 100.00% Judy Chu D CA-27
1 100.00% David Cicilline D RI-1
1 100.00% Matt Cartwright D PA-8
1 100.00% Joaquin Castro D TX-20
1 100.00% Tony Cárdenas D CA-29
1 100.00% Katherine Clark D MA-5
1 100.00% J. Luis Correa D CA-46
1 100.00% Charlie Crist D FL-13
1 100.00% Salud Carbajal D CA-24
1 100.00% Angie Craig D MN-2
1 100.00% Jason Crow D CO-6
1 100.00% Troy A. Carter D LA-2
1 100.00% Danny K. Davis D IL-7
1 100.00% Peter DeFazio D OR-4
1 100.00% Diana DeGette D CO-1
1 100.00% Rosa L. DeLauro D CT-3
1 100.00% Lloyd Doggett D TX-35
1 100.00% Mike Doyle D PA-18
1 100.00% Ted Deutch D FL-22
1 100.00% Suzan DelBene D WA-1
1 100.00% Mark DeSaulnier D CA-11
1 100.00% Debbie Dingell D MI-12
1 100.00% Val Demings D FL-10
1 100.00% Sharice Davids D KS-3
1 100.00% Antonio Delgado D NY-19
1 100.00% Madeleine Dean D PA-4
1 100.00% Anna G. Eshoo D CA-18
1 100.00% Dwight Evans D PA-3
1 100.00% Adriano Espaillat D NY-13
1 100.00% Veronica Escobar D TX-16
1 100.00% Bill Foster D IL-11
1 100.00% Marcia L. Fudge * D OH-11
1 100.00% Lois Frankel D FL-21
1 100.00% Lizzie Pannill Fletcher D TX-7
1 100.00% Raúl Grijalva D AZ-3
1 100.00% Al Green D TX-9
1 100.00% John Garamendi D CA-3
1 100.00% Ruben Gallego D AZ-7
1 100.00% Josh Gottheimer D NJ-5
1 100.00% Jimmy Gomez D CA-34
1 100.00% Jesús "Chuy" García D IL-4
1 100.00% Sylvia R. Garcia D TX-29
1 100.00% Alcee L. Hastings * D FL-20
1 100.00% Steny H. Hoyer D MD-5
1 100.00% Brian Higgins D NY-26
1 100.00% Jim Himes D CT-4
1 100.00% Steven A. Horsford D NV-4
1 100.00% Jared Huffman D CA-2
1 100.00% Debra A. Haaland * D NM-1
1 100.00% Chrissy Houlahan D PA-6
1 100.00% Josh Harder D CA-10
1 100.00% Sheila Jackson Lee D TX-18
1 100.00% Eddie Bernice Johnson D TX-30
1 100.00% Hank Johnson D GA-4
1 100.00% Hakeem Jeffries D NY-8
1 100.00% Sara Jacobs D CA-53
1 100.00% Mondaire Jones D NY-17
1 100.00% Marcy Kaptur D OH-9
1 100.00% Ann Kirkpatrick D AZ-2
1 100.00% William Keating D MA-9
1 100.00% Daniel Kildee D MI-5
1 100.00% Derek Kilmer D WA-6
1 100.00% Ann Kuster D NH-2
1 100.00% Robin Kelly D IL-2
1 100.00% Ro Khanna D CA-17
1 100.00% Raja Krishnamoorthi D IL-8
1 100.00% Andy Kim D NJ-3
1 100.00% Kaiali’i Kahele D HI-2
1 100.00% Teresa Leger Fernandez D NM-3
1 100.00% Zoe Lofgren D CA-19
1 100.00% Barbara Lee D CA-13
1 100.00% John B. Larson D CT-1
1 100.00% Jim Langevin D RI-2
1 100.00% Rick Larsen D WA-2
1 100.00% Stephen F. Lynch D MA-8
1 100.00% Alan Lowenthal D CA-47
1 100.00% Brenda Lawrence D MI-14
1 100.00% Ted Lieu D CA-33
1 100.00% Al Lawson D FL-5
1 100.00% Conor Lamb D PA-17
1 100.00% Susie Lee D NV-3
1 100.00% Andy Levin D MI-9
1 100.00% Mike Levin D CA-49
1 100.00% Carolyn Maloney D NY-12
1 100.00% James McGovern D MA-2
1 100.00% Kweisi Mfume D MD-7
1 100.00% Kathy E. Manning D NC-6
1 100.00% Gregory W. Meeks D NY-5
1 100.00% Betty McCollum D MN-4
1 100.00% Doris O. Matsui D CA-6
1 100.00% Jerry McNerney D CA-9
1 100.00% Sean Patrick Maloney D NY-18
1 100.00% Grace Meng D NY-6
1 100.00% A. Donald McEachin D VA-4
1 100.00% Stephanie Murphy D FL-7
1 100.00% Joseph D. Morelle D NY-25
1 100.00% Lucy McBath D GA-6
1 100.00% Frank J. Mrvan D IN-1
1 100.00% Jerrold Nadler D NY-10
1 100.00% Richard E. Neal D MA-1
1 100.00% Grace Napolitano D CA-32
1 100.00% Donald Norcross D NJ-1
1 100.00% Joe Neguse D CO-2
1 100.00% Marie Newman D IL-3
1 100.00% Tom O'Halleran D AZ-1
1 100.00% Frank Pallone Jr. D NJ-6
1 100.00% Bill Pascrell Jr. D NJ-9
1 100.00% Nancy Pelosi D CA-12
1 100.00% David Price D NC-4
1 100.00% Ed Perlmutter D CO-7
1 100.00% Chellie Pingree D ME-1
1 100.00% Donald Payne Jr. D NJ-10
1 100.00% Mark Pocan D WI-2
1 100.00% Scott Peters D CA-52
1 100.00% Jimmy Panetta D CA-20
1 100.00% Chris Pappas D NH-1
1 100.00% Dean Phillips D MN-3
1 100.00% Mike Quigley D IL-5
1 100.00% Deborah K. Ross D NC-2
1 100.00% Lucille Roybal-Allard D CA-40
1 100.00% Bobby L. Rush D IL-1
1 100.00% C.A. Dutch Ruppersberger D MD-2
1 100.00% Tim Ryan D OH-13
1 100.00% Raul Ruiz D CA-36
1 100.00% Kathleen Rice D NY-4
1 100.00% Jamie Raskin D MD-8
1 100.00% Robert C. Scott D VA-3
1 100.00% Brad Sherman D CA-30
1 100.00% Adam Smith D WA-9
1 100.00% Jan Schakowsky D IL-9
1 100.00% Adam Schiff D CA-28
1 100.00% Linda Sánchez D CA-38
1 100.00% David Scott D GA-13
1 100.00% Marilyn Strickland D WA-10
1 100.00% Albio Sires D NJ-8
1 100.00% John P. Sarbanes D MD-3
1 100.00% Jackie Speier D CA-14
1 100.00% Terri A. Sewell D AL-7
1 100.00% Bradley Schneider D IL-10
1 100.00% Eric Swalwell D CA-15
1 100.00% Darren Soto D FL-9
1 100.00% Thomas Suozzi D NY-3
1 100.00% Mary Gay Scanlon D PA-5
1 100.00% Mikie Sherrill D NJ-11
1 100.00% Elissa Slotkin D MI-8
1 100.00% Abigail Spanberger D VA-7
1 100.00% Greg Stanton D AZ-9
1 100.00% Haley Stevens D MI-11
1 100.00% Kim Schrier D WA-8
1 100.00% Melanie A. Stansbury D NM-1
1 100.00% Mike Thompson D CA-5
1 100.00% Dina Titus D NV-1
1 100.00% Paul D. Tonko D NY-20
1 100.00% Mark Takano D CA-41
1 100.00% Norma Torres D CA-35
1 100.00% Lori Trahan D MA-3
1 100.00% David Trone D MD-6
1 100.00% Ritchie Torres D NY-15
1 100.00% Lauren Underwood D IL-14
1 100.00% Nydia M. Velázquez D NY-7
1 100.00% Juan Vargas D CA-51
1 100.00% Marc Veasey D TX-33
1 100.00% Filemon Vela D TX-34
1 100.00% Maxine Waters D CA-43
1 100.00% Nikema Williams D GA-5
1 100.00% Debbie Wasserman Schultz D FL-23
1 100.00% Peter Welch D VT at-large
1 100.00% Frederica Wilson D FL-24
1 100.00% Bonnie Watson Coleman D NJ-12
1 100.00% Jennifer Wexton D VA-10
1 100.00% Susan Wild D PA-7
1 100.00% John A. Yarmuth D KY-3
204 97.30% Henry Cuellar D TX-28
204 97.30% Sean Casten D IL-6
204 97.30% Vicente Gonzalez D TX-15
204 97.30% Jahana Hayes D CT-5
204 97.30% Pramila Jayapal D WA-7
204 97.30% Elaine Luria D VA-2
204 97.30% Gwen Moore D WI-4
204 97.30% Seth Moulton D MA-6
204 97.30% Tom Malinowski D NJ-7
204 97.30% Katie Porter D CA-45
204 97.30% Kurt Schrader D OR-5
204 97.30% Bennie G. Thompson D MS-2
216 94.40% Jamaal Bowman D NY-16
217 91.90% Ron Kind D WI-3
217 91.90% Ilhan Omar D MN-5
217 91.90% Ayanna Pressley D MA-7
220 91.40% Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez D NY-14
220 91.40% Rashida Tlaib D MI-13
222 88.90% Cori Bush D MO-1
223 81.80% Jared Golden D ME-2

It's really a pity that Sarandon convinced too many of them that Roe didn't matter.

They had their chance, but were too stupid to take it and make the most of it. They listened to Sarandon (et al) and believed the lies that Hillary was the Great Satan who'd start WWIII.

The gullibility of low-information voters continues to astound me. People like Sarandon and Stein (and other like-minded people with extreme and dangerous views) find it very easy to manipulate them. Their kneecapping of Hillary made Trump's job easier for him.

This is on you, Sue. Own it.

Count your blessings. We're very fortunate to have him.

Without him, it would be a 51-49 split in the senate (two vote difference) and Mitch McConnell would be in charge. Is that what you want?


Does the high cost of security have you blue?

Does the high cost of security have you blue? If so, come by the store and browse through our complete selection of used guns and knives, or find what you need in our mace and tear gas department. Now we understand that many people are hesitant to buy used weapons, but all of Didi's weapons are absolutely guaranteed to kill. Now if you find a weapon here that won't kill, you bring it back and we'll give you something that will. It's on our guarantee: "If Didi's can't kill it, it's immortal.”

Joe Biden and our Democratic leadership know what they're doing...

... they aren't idiots, so stop acting like they are. They know perfectly well what's possible and what's not. They know how to best spend their time and effort. They don't engage in the type of "grandstanding" and "showboating" politics that many on the internet seem to swoon over. They are wise and they know that the type of shouting and hyper-gesticulating and fist-shaking and bluster is only effective as a companion to fundraising efforts... but in the real world, a more nuanced touch is needed.

Trust Joe. Stop undermining him by second-guessing him.

Pulled, stuffed, filled, tightened, plumped, injected, stitched, stretched, scraped, lifted, tucked...

Pulled, stuffed, filled, tightened, plumped, injected, stitched, stretched, scraped, lifted, tucked… she looks just as phony and fake as one of the silicone beauties at realdoll dot com. (But don't go there. NSFW. You've been warned.)

The two women are not being compared. Instead, Mr. Westrate is illustrating a...

Sarandon and wife/slave Amy are Not in the same political party.
Of course they're not. Nobody said that they are and nobody is even suggesting that (except you.). The two women are not being compared. It's clear to most all reasonable observers that each woman represents a separate thing. Mr. Westrate (whose tweet is quoted here) is illustrating a cause and effect. A beginning and an end. A path-chosen and the inevitable outcome. Sarandon (a Bernie surrogate) is the face-of and personification of this idiotic "revolution". Barrett (et al) and the consequences therein (namely, allowing Texas' "heartbeat-law" to stand) is the result. These things do not happen in a vacuum.

Keep this in mind: Divide and conquer.
I've often thought of that every time I hear certain individuals engaging in divisive smears and rhetoric such as: Democrats are "ideologically bankrupt"; or that Democrats are "feeble"; or that Democrats are "corrupt"; or that the Democratic party is an "absolute failure"; or that the Democratic party is "the party of the one-percent"; or that the Democratic party is the "party of the elite"; or that there's "no difference between Democrats and Republicans"; or that Democrats are "do-nothings"; or that Democratic party "doesn't care about climate change"; or characterizing the Democratic party as the "Coastal-Elite". ALL LIES!! ALL DIVISIVE!!

True, it's not ONLY Sarandon, but she is closely allied with those who seek to intentionally cause harm to the Democratic party. Not only is it part of the "divide and conquer" strategy that you spoke of. But it's clearly just one part of their overall "destroy and rebuild" philosophy. Sarandon, Turner, West, Moore, Uygur (and their close associates) are all a part of it.

They all have nothing but contempt and resentment for the Democratic party. What useful purpose does it serve? It's just another example of how people are oddly willing to do and say things that create an atmosphere of fear and hopelessness and negativity. Negativity generates apathy. Apathy discourages voter turnout. Low voter turnout gives Republicans a chance to steal the elections.

Why are these toxic individuals defended and celebrated?
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