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Member since: Tue Nov 3, 2015, 12:04 AM
Number of posts: 5,570

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Yesterday, When Trump Announced, "That's How Business Done," He Clued in America & the World

He is not in the White House to act as president or govern. He’s only there to do business, to enrich himself and his family, and is completely fine with breaking the law to do it. Trump is a loud and proud criminal and has dared us to do anything about it.

Trump is Taunting Us About Conspiring with the Russians

He’s daring us to do anything about it.

I Wonder What Would Happen if the Collective Mainstream Media Took an Entire Day...

...away from Trump and his myriad distractions. He truly is a do-nothing President. Other than outrageous tweets and comments, he has nothing of substance to offer. I propose regular media moratoriums from his nothingness. There is an abundance of actual serious news to report on every day. The endless, obnoxious and meaningless infotainment is incredibly boring.

"The Trump Criminal Investigations"

On tonight’s show, Donnie Deutsche made an excellent branding suggestion, “The Trump Criminal Investigations.” Barney Frank, a guest, also made an excellent branding suggestion, “Unindicted Donald.”

These are two excellent branding suggestions we can all use going forward whenever referring to Trump or the multiple investigations into his misconduct and criminal activity. Over time, they will become part of the collective unconscious and they certainly can’t hurt.
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