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Member since: Tue Nov 3, 2015, 12:04 AM
Number of posts: 9,295

Journal Archives

Do We Need More Proof Trump is a Russian Asset?

By pulling Brennanís security clearance, Trump has put our country at serious risk, and heís threatening to pull more. He is showing the world where his true loyalties lie and itís not with us. The same can be said for the entire, complicit GOP.

Omarosa is Looking for a Payoff

Considering how much she knows, how much do you think sheíll get?

Does Anyone Remember Reality Winner and What She Tried to Warn Us of? The MSM Has Been Very Quiet

The GOP Has Evolved into Grifters Of the People

They canít get their hands on all of our countryís assets fast enough.

Given the Tremendous Division & Damage Rupert Murdoch Has Inflicted on the U.S.,

Is it possible heís in bed with the Russians, too?

The GOP Motto Needs Editing to "Cheating to Win Makes America Great Again"

This would be much more accurate.

We Can Thank Trump for One Very Important Thing:

Without question, every day he shows the world exactly what the GOP is all about.

Trump Has Told the World He is Actually Considering Ending Diplomatic Immunity

If Trump were to turn over former Ambassador McFaul to the Russians, McFaul would be tortured and killed. Just stop and think about that for a moment. The President of the United States is willing to turn over a former ambassador to our enemy, while McConnell, Ryan, and the entire GOP say and do nothing. The entire GOP is the most serious threat to our democracy we have ever faced. Time may have already run out. The electronic voting machines have an easily hackable back door and House Republicans just passed a funding bill that eliminates money for states' election security. The fascists are here.

Peter Strzok is Bad Ass! I'm Glad He's on America's Side!

Heís done an outstanding job standing up to Republican bullies who have much to hide!

Leonard Leo, the Man Behind Three Supreme Court Picks (and a Fourth Coming Up)

He's been flying under the radar:

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