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Member since: Mon Nov 2, 2015, 11:04 PM
Number of posts: 8,905

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Mental Illness is Progressive and Left Untreated Generally Gets Worse Over Time

The one fact that seems to be lost in the discussions about the devastating losses of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain is that mental illness is progressive. If left untreated, over time, it generally exacerbates.

More Good Deeds from the Party of Family/Christian Values

They are sending children to slaughter:


Congrats to All of Last Night's Dem Winners. When Democrats Get Out and Vote...

Republicans are Warehousing Babies in Cages - On the Taxpayer Dime

In addition to sadistically tearing children away from their mothers and fathers and traumatizing them for life, Republicans are warehousing babies, toddlers and older children indefinitely in private prisons where they have refused even a U. S. Senator the opportunity to view what goes on inside. (Would they also refuse the Red Cross or United Nations a tour?) For those who believe a Final Solution could never happen here, think again. This is what the party of "Family Values" is doing in all our names with our taxpayer dollars. In a true democracy, we would all have a say.

According to Former US Attorney, a Trump Self-Pardon Would Likely be a "Self-Executing Impeachment"

According to Preet Bharara, a former US Attorney, if Trump were to give himself a pardon, it would probably be a "self-executing impeachment." However, Trump obviously thinks, as president, he above the law and his paid agents are busy planting that seed in the media. We are looking at a dangerous Constitutional crisis and we can't count on Republicans to put the Constitution before Party.


In the Ultimate Irony Category, as Last Act, Missouri Governor Greitens Signs Revenge Porn Law

Given his use of revenge porn to blackmail a former lover contributed to his downfall as governor, it is the ultimate irony that Greitens' last act a governor of Missouri, before resigning in disgrace, was to sign a law making the use of revenge porn a felony:


Roseanne Has Shown the World She's Selfish & Self-Destructive

Now how many connected with her show are out of a job? No doubt, she couldn't care less. What a loser!

Our First Lady is MIA

Let's hope Don the Con didn't beat the crap out of her during one of his storied rage attacks and she is in hiding until the bruises heal.

We Now Have the Weekly American School Shooting/Massacre

Thank you NRA & all of the spineless politicians you've bought.

The Report of Eric Greitens Imprisonment and Sexual Assault of His Hairdresser is Beyond Disturbing

The report details a cold and calculating sexual predator who belongs in jail. Given the information in the report, it is doubtful this is his first offense. He is a threat to public safety and belongs behind bars. The last place he should be is in the Missouri governor's office. Trump has set a horrible precedent.
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