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Member since: Tue Nov 3, 2015, 12:04 AM
Number of posts: 10,533

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Thanks for another heart!

The love keeps growing!

Thank you for the heart!

Republicans have exhibited the ultimate privilege in their calls for "unity"

It takes a tremendous amount of entitlement to call for moving forward (actually demanding a pass) on a violent insurrection designed to not only murder the Vice President and the Speaker of the House, and others, crush the peaceful transition of power, and overthrow the government.

Thanks for the heart!

Really appreciate it!

The sad truth is Trump is too mentally impaired and unbalanced to testify at his impeachment trial

He couldn’t pull it off if his life depended upon. A skillful cross-examination would cause Trump to have a complete and total melt down, and he’s cagey enough to realize it.

It's ironic

Merrick Garland will be in charge of prosecuting the evil spawn of Tim McVeigh’s terrorist faction.

Is it finally time to have strict and comprehensive anti-domestic terrorism laws in the US?

If not now, when?

What recent events have taught us about certain Republicans

It’s pretty obvious who’s been compromised by the Russians and their money.

Josh Hawley is a patrician posing as a populist

He lives in Virginia, but uses his sister’s address in Missouri for his voter registration, which speaks to his integrity. Hawley attended to Rockhurst High School, a private all boys Catholic high school in south Kansas City for the elite. (I lived nearby for many years across the state line in Kansas, in a very affluent neighborhood & am quite familiar with his type. My sons had friends who attended testosterone-overloaded Rockhurst.) His credential from Stanford and Yale law school speak for themselves. Hawley just another entitled rich kid posing as a Trumper populist-a polished grifter doing whatever it takes to advance his career, and increase his net worth.This latest silliness about challenging the electoral college vote is just a stunt he thinks will advance his political ambitions. Scratch Hawley’s surface, and despite his elite degrees, there’s nothing of substance there.

Trump wants Covid relief payments increased to $2,000, a gift to Warnock & Ossoff!

He’s threatening to veto the bill. Pelosi’s wants to hold a vote and McConnell must be having apoplexy.
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