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Member since: Tue Nov 3, 2015, 12:04 AM
Number of posts: 10,544

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Appreciation thread for Chairman Jerry Nadler

He has led the Judiciary Committee with dignity and grace in the face of endless Republican antics. We are fortunate to have him presiding over this very serious process and I’m grateful for his excellent leadership

Has anyone filed a bar complaint against John Eisenberg for ignoring a congressional subpoena?

As an officer of the court, he is required to comply with the law.

Republicans are right, there was no quid pro quo. It was a conspiracy to commit extortion

The tentacles of this conspiracy reach far and wide throughout this administration and democracy is in a very fragile place.

If we truly want to reclaim our democracy, the Fairness Doctrine must be reinstated and strengthened

We are living with the results of decades of unchallenged propaganda over the airwaves and in the print media, and it's ugly.

Republicans have devolved into a party of thugs

Yesterday’s witness intimidation stunt by House Republicans was only the most recent example of their thuggish behavior. Of course, when the party’s leader is a mobbed-up, one-man crime wave, with no respect whatsoever for the Constitution, we shouldn’t be surprised.

It's likely Giuliani is banking on a presidential pardon

He has been behaving like someone who believes he above the law and untouchable. Time will tell.

LGBTQ rights are good and well but whatever happened to women's rights?

They are the majority of the population, including the LGBTQ community.

We must never forget, the betrayal & brutal annihilation of the Kurds is brought to us by the GOP

They knowingly and willingly gave us Trump and do nothing whatsoever to reign him in. Each and every one of them has blood on their hands. Remember this the next time they parade their bogus Christianity and try to shove it down our throats.

Republicans are beginning to realize their long bacchanal may be over

No doubt they’re scrambling to figure out damage control and a way forward. The Constitution and our republic are merely collateral damage for them.

Three questions for Giuliani (from another post)

1. Was Giuliani paid for his work in Ukraine?
2. Did he have a security clearance?
3. Did he handle any classified information?
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